Assalam Alykum - Last Sunday - (05-10-14- ) DONGERIANS were blessed to spend their Eid celebrating with orphans from Mama Dhahabu Likoni. (Just like how Ahmed Juma Bhalo suggested) 
The aim of this event was to give the orphans a day full of happiness that they will remember for a long time. Surely, It means a lot for any orphan to be given a chance to spend time away from the orphanage. They get so excited to spend some time away from the same sorroundings. That is why we sent a bus at their Markaz and picked them up to spend a lovely time with them at Donge Office and then at Istikama. We later returned them back safe and sound. Alhamdulillah.


On this day, we managed to prepare for them a delicious Biriyani which they really enjoyed with drinks fruits and desserts which included ice-cream sweets and a specially made Eid Cake which they took with them back to their orphanage. They had a good day out. Alhamdulillah.

We, the Donge members had a great opportunity to spend great time with the orphans. We mingled with them and made them feel special. They surely enjoyed themselves, especially the facepainting moments. I for one enjoyed it too.

Alhamdulillah Alaa kulli Haal.

I would like to thank all those who donated their hard earned cash so that others can have a happy Eid together and get a chance to spend time together and bring unity amongst us including the orphans. You surely did put smiles on many faces on this auspicious day. May Allah accept your generosity and may He grant you all generous rewards in return.

I would also like to also thank The Istikama School for allowing us to use your premises on such a short notice. May Allah reward you generously for your kindness.

Lastly I would like to thank all the Donge members who were there physically and spiritually for taking in part in this great event. Jazakumullah kher.

May God bless you all and may God bless Donge.

Slowly but surely, together we are rebuilding our community.

Please kindly see below are the financial details of the expenses for this event. . GOD BLESS YOU - AMEEEN
Kind regards,
The Chairman.































































Assalam Alykum - Last Saturday - (04-10-14- ) You gave Donge a huge responsibility. To collect the money, to buy the goats, to slaughter them and to distribute them on your behalf and do it according to the Islamic teachings and beliefs. 
In deed this was a great opportunity for all Dongerians all over the world to come together for the first time and put this great religious offering in practice. 
I for one was blessed to be there personally to see this happen.
AlhamduLlah I am pleased to inform you that you all did a great job. You all saw photos of the event as it was happening . For a small group like ours, this was a huge task given the time frame. What you all achieved in such a short notice was not easy. But with sheer determination this religious offering was accomplished. A clear indication that with the positive spirit of togertheness, both the donors and those on ground and with Allah’s Blessings we CAN achieve the unimaginable.
Alhmadullah and Maa shaa Allah - You have this Eid slaughtered and distributed 78 goats to those who rightly deserve them and this was done on time. AlhamduLillah
May Allah accept all your sacrifices and may He reward you generously for completing this noble act.
Together we can achieve more in rebuilding our community through unity and Sacrifice.
Please kindly see below are the financial details of the expenses for this event. . 
Kind regards,
The Chairman.




Assalam Alykum - Last Friday - (03-10-14- the night before Eid Al- Hayaa) DONGERIANS met at the Donge Office. The aim of this meeting was to establish and encourage unity and togetherness amongst us. Alhamdulillah We slaughtered two goats and had delicious soup with mouth watering grilled meat. The evening was very special in deed as we managed to bring togetherness. Some of us communicate on facebook but we had never met before. In deed this group continues to connect people.I for one, was impressed by the positive spirit that Donge people have. AlhamduLlah. May The Almighty God continue to shower His blessings on this group.
I would like to thank all those who donated their hard earned cash so that others can get a chance to spend time together and bring unity amongst us. May Allah accept your generosity and may He grant you all generous rewards in return. I would also like to thank all the members who took part in this event. Together we fetched firewood, talked, laughed, slaugtered, prepared, cooked, ate and cleaned. Amazing moments of unity and sacrifice. May God bless you all and may God bless Donge.
Please kindly see below are the financial details of the expenses for this event.
Kind regards,
The Chairman.






The July's 2014  Best Donge Member Of The Month was awarded to Dr Asma Saleh. She won undisputedly.  Below was her manifesto that secured her to be the winner:


By Dr Asma Saleh 

HEALTH is the greatest gift given to mankind, and even more important is having the resources to maintain this gift during sickness. However, many orphanages are not able to afford primary life resources due to poverty, lack of health education and lack of accessibility of good healthcare services, and thus ,often they lack to maintain good health for the children living in these orphanages.

Many of these orphanages are over-allocated with innocent abandoned children. These children are relinquished with the intention that they will most likely never see their parents or relatives again. Although the orphanages are making a great effort to provide these children with the necessary needs, unfortunately many children are not provided with essential hygiene packages, routine health check-ups and growth assessments.

‘’HEALTH FOR ORPHANS’’ is our new Mombasa Donge health project which will be sending volunteers in children’s homes and orphanages around Coast Province , to perform regular health screening and treatment of common ailments, providing health education on basic personal hygiene and sanitation, deworming and referral for further medical consultations .Our volunteers will make a real and lasting difference to the lives of orphans around the Coast Province.

Messenger of Allah (PBUH) said, “I will be like this in paradise with the person who takes care of an orphan”. Messenger of Allah (PBUH) raised his forefinger and middle finger by way of illustration (meaning as close as these two fingers are to each other is how a person who takes care of the orphan and I will be in paradise)
[Sahih Bukhari (5546) and Sahih Muslim (5296) ]

I am sure , you and I would love to be in Jannah next to the Prophet . 
How do we work towards achieving this ?

Join me in my ‘’HEALTH FOR ORPHANS ‘’Project that will help enrich the lives of orphans as we work together to restore health and hope in the community we live in, one step at a time.

Our first Orphanage to be visited will be ‘’ Ummul Kheir Dar Hakika Center Jitoni-Jomvu ‘’ where We plan to perform a basic general health screening, cleaning up, deworming and treatment of common skin infections in a total of 55 adolescents and children aged between 19 years and 1.5 years old living and studying at this Center. Teachers, Neighbors and community members/leaders will also benefit through health education which will be provided through health talk and demonstrations.

Why are we starting with ‘’Ummul Kheir Center’’ ?

During the food distribution program at Ummul Kheir Center on the 5th of July 2014 , it was noted that almost all the children living and studying at the centre had moderate to severe skin infections. Clinically, the lesions appeared as scabies. Some children had extensive secondary bacterial infected scabies, Tinea capitis and pityriasis versicolor .
As reported by the teacher-Ustadha Halima, who is also the caretaker and general guardian of the 55 adolescents and children, skin infection is a common occurrence at the centre and that the children have been treated several times with no success. 
Scabies is one of the neglected tropical diseases of public health importance caused by infestation by the mite Sarcoptes scabiei var-hominis, causes considerable morbidity and mortality through direct effects and as a result of secondary bacterial infection which could later affect the kidneys and the heart. Poverty and overcrowding are the main risk factors, and outbreaks in orphanages ,institutions and refugee camps are common. Scabies causes intense itch, severely affecting sleep and quality of life.

You can offer Hope to a child by helping to give them a healthy skin and life. These are orphaned children waiting for someone to show they care. These children have neither family nor resources to provide for them. By opening your heart to a suffering child , both of you will receive a blessings in this world and the Hereafter.

Your Vote and support for this project, Giving yourself as a volunteer and offering your expertise during the activity , Monetary donations of any amounts , Non-Cash items required for the success of this activity are all appreciated.
Make a lasting difference in a life of an orphan, Support ‘’Health for Orphans Project’’

Jazakallah Kheir



Below are the financial records for the project.




Helping a Destitute Family - The Khadija Kitsau Family 



Assalam Alykum. Final update in regards to the Khadija Kitsau's project.
Donge of the Month project. (May 2014)
Alhamdulillah, we thank Allah who gave Donge an opportunity to help a destitute family from Kanamai. 
The family of a 23 year old widow known as Khadija Kitsau.
Khadija who lives in Kanamai , works as a maid in Mtwapa where she walks every day to work. The little salary that she got, was not able to sustain her extended family which consisted of Khadija's daughte , Khadijas five sisters some of which had children of their own. It was next to impossible for the young Khadija to look after the whole family and at the same time educate her 3 younger sisters , who were always being sent back home from School and Madrasah because of lack of fees.
The family could barely support itself. The children were most of the time going to bed hungry with very little clothes on them and were always bare feet. 
Their accommodation was in a dire state. They lived in a semi permanent home that was mainly made out of mud and cow dung . When it rained the walls were collapsing.
This 23 year old had a huge responsibility on her shoulders and that is when through the Donge Member of the month project which was piloted by Rumy Ramad, we tried to help the family for whatever we could. The main concern from the family was to reinforce the house so that it does not collapse anymore and Alhamdulillah - Allah blessed Donge by giving you the members an opportunity to take good care of this family and mainly their home
If you remember, as Donge was working and preparing to help the family, one of Khadija's daughter had an emergency operation. Her appendix had ruptured and she needed to be operated. By the Grace of Allah she was rushed to Coast General Hospital and she she was treated. Dongerian footed the bill of the operation and medicine. 
Alhamdulillah, the project is now finished. The house has been renovated to a good standard indeed. I am so grateful to announce that you manage to collect a total amount of 260,591.00 KSH for the purpose of helping this young family. 
You managed to clear the school and madrasah fees arrears. You managed to provide them with clothes shoes and diapers. Provided them with food and also the urgent medical care. Most t importantantly you have renovated their mud house into a durable and stable accommodation. Only Allah can repay you for your generosity.
Donge would also like to thank Yaris Institute Mombasa, and MCCBO Chairman - Reishi Arun Parikh for their kind donations received by MCCBO Member's and Friends who presented the family with Educational material , shoes for all the kids, and a Computer Course Full Scholarship for Khadija's eldest sister.
Please see below are the financial records for this project. Should anyone have any questions or queries please do not hesitate to contact me directly.
On behalf of the board - I would like to thank you ALL for your kind support and we hope to continue working together in rebuilding our communities through unity and sacrifice.
May Allah accept your generosity and repay you abundantly.


Kind regards,
The Chairman
Anwar Juma Bhalo

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