Hon Saad Faraj Ahmed: Thank you for having me here. Assalamu Aleikum and greetings to all my brothers and sisters


   Hon Saad Faraj Ahmed: Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem.


  Kijana Cha Juma Bhalo:    Waaalekum Saaalam - Karibu - Welcome. It is an honour to have you here. I will ask you some questions and Kareem will also ask you some Inshaallah my first question is hot and goes direct to the point it comes from one of our sisters @Ahlam Mtoto Bella 
 A.a.a question for hon saad...what is your point of view regarding the collapse of the tourism industry at the coast?
Thousands have lost their jobs, what is your say in this and what can you, together with other coast leaders do about it to revive the tourism industry?


Hon Saad Faraj Ahmed: Tourism is a very fragile industry, the spate of insecurity that Mombasa has recently experienced has been one of the major causes, and the travel advisories by various embassies did not help either, however the County Government deliberately changed its strategy to focus on domestic Tourism. This strategy proved fruitful in the month of August 2014 as we held several high profile local events including the Mombasa International Cultural festival which was televised live on CNN, Headteachers Conference where we managed to host over 5000 school heads, Zone 5 Basketball Championship which saw 5 E. African Countries Participate in an electrifying sporting action in Mombasa. These events Improved Bed occupancy within the local hotels and flights were fully booked and improved confidence of the local and foreign tourists.


 Kijana Cha Juma Bhalo: Thank you Hon Saad for answering your first question. I hope you are enjoying this session. As we take time to read your answer , please let me just assure you that this interview inshaAllah will be good and enjoayable so relax and enjoy the ride . The thing is that Hon Saad I have had many people here on Donge coming to me asking me to tell them more about who you are. it seems not many people are aware of your good self and good work. One of them is one of our very own board member of Donge - Mwana Pate -she has submitted this question " Can u please tell us about Saad Faraj, the man (not te politician) give us a brief history of your background and profession and what you did before becoming a politician? Tell us something that will make us relate to Saad the person" ........................... So 
Can you please enlighten us Wanadonge and tell us a little bit about yourself?


Hon Saad Faraj Ahmed: Am a happily married father of 3 wonderful children, Maimuna 13, Faraj 6, Ahmed 3. My family is the heart that beats beneath my chest. Am 38 Years old born in a humble background, went to Mbaraki Nursery, then went to Tom Mboya Primary before I transfered to Mombasa Primary then did my O levels at Agakhan High School. I did IT at the Mombasa Polytechnic. I have constantly up graded myself with proffessional training such as Corporate Governance amongst others! my passion is always to serve my people and inspire the youth.


Hon Saad Faraj Ahmed: in addition, am a well established Quran Reciter and I take great pride in practising my Islamic faith, and I have high respect for all the other faiths.


Kijana Cha Juma Bhalo:  MashaaaAllah - May Allah protect your children and make them waladun swaaalih - pious good children... I too went to Mbaraki Nursery. You should have come to Serani after Tom Mboya, Thats where Mr Islam Khiyar came first .. To Serani ... haha ..... Anyway You mentioned in your first question that you with the County Government held high profile events including the Mombasa International Cultural festival . With all the benefits that we hope it has brought to the county, Just one quick question if I may in regards to this. Do you roughly know how much of the tax payers money was used to host the Mombasa International Cultural festival ? 


Hon Saad Faraj Ahmed: The Cultural event was a collaboration between the County Gov't and other stakeholders from the Private Sector which included Bamburi Cement, KTB, Abson Motors, Tourism Fund, Kitui Flour Mill and many others. The County Government chipped in but the majority of the funding came from the Private sector. With regards to specific contrubution by Mombasa County, I will confirm with the relevant department and revert accordingly. Nonetheless, the event was a great success and it will become an annual event! 


Kijana Cha Juma Bhalo: Thank you Hon Saad and sorry to dwell too much on this subject of the cultural event but Ahlam Mtoto Bela is still not 100% satisfied with your answer - you mentioned that the County Government deliberately changed its strategy to focus on domestic Tourism. You also said this was done by organizing events which Improved Bed occupancy within the local hotels and flights were fully booked and this improved confidence of the local and foreign tourists. The point that Ahlam is trying to make was that thousands in Mombasa have lost their jobs because of bad tourism, The question is that what you have said here sounds more of a one off event an annual lets get happy thing and a very temporary fix but not a permanent solution. Now that the event is over and successful as you have mentioned, has the confidence really been restored? Are the people who lost their jobs due to bad tourism industry in Mombasa back in their jobs or are they still suffering from mass unemployment? Have you and the other leaders come up with a permanent fix for this problem? What is the current jobs/tourism situation now after the Mombasa International Cultural festival? 


Hon Saad Faraj Ahmed: The Cultural festival was just the first step to revamp the collapsed industry, the long term strategy is to make sure Mombasa is the preffered Tourism destination. For long, Mombasa has always been a beach destination suitable only for the leisure traveller. Currently, the idea is to diversify Tourism Products towards business, Sports, leisure, Cultural and student exchange programs. As such, we plan to construct a non-accommodation conference centre through Public Private Partnership. The Cultural Festival attracted more than 50,000 people, this is the reason as to why we want to hold similar high profile events Quarterly in the near future. Mombasa was fortunate as there were not as many lay-offs as experienced in other neighbouring Counties. During the Cultural festival period we experienced an average of 80% bed occupancy rate in our hotels.


Kijana Cha Juma Bhalo ok thank you for that answer - Now lets move to something else but before we do that let me ask you to find out how you are doing so far - with the interview ? is everything ok so far ?


Kijana Cha Juma Bhalo Are you happy to continue?


Hon Saad Faraj Ahmed am impressed, it is a very a very objective engagement!


Kijana Cha Juma Bhalo Alhamdullah


Kijana Cha Juma Bhalo: LETS MOVE TO SUBJECT FOOTBALL : Twazijuwa teams za wanasiasa wengine hapo Mombasa wasupport team gani kwenye premiership ijapokuwa wengi wao wa support team za machali machali kila siku wafungwa mpaka wengine wamebaki kuiba maplayer wa timu zengine kina you know who - na twawajuwa bila kuwataja team zao ni gani hao kina visoi na visoroboto - hehe enheee hebu twambiye what about you Hon Saaad mpendwa - which team do you support? Is it Manchester United enyewe !!! ama wasupport machali gani tena ?


Hon Saad Faraj Ahmed The most successfull team since the inception of the English Premier League, Man Utd ! Never forgeting Bandari F.C. which represents us in the KPL.




Kijana Cha Juma Bhalo Now lets move to a very serious and sensitive issue - One of the most important one for that matter


Kijana Cha Juma Bhalo SUBJECT SECURITY : Hon Saad in your first answer here on Donge tonight you said and I quote " the spate of insecurity that Mombasa has recently experienced has been one of the major causes of Tourism to become so fragile " Now you have touched on the issue of security , we have so many people here in Donge inboximg me wanting to know about the question of security in Mombasa in specific to the recent killings of civilians local residents and mainly Muslims also the killings of some foreigners the tourists who were shot dead in broad day light. These incidents were never seen in Mombasa before and that is why so many are alarmed................. We have here a question from one our sisters I hope it will be ok to ask - and the questions is lugha ya taifa. 


Swali langu kwa hon saad kwanza pokeya pole kutokana na mauwaji ya ndugu yako -Mungu amuweke pema peponi..... Pili naomba kujua tangu bro wako auliwe na wengine wengi walo uliwa kiholela holela Mjini Mombasa wengi wakiwa ni Waislamu hadi huyu kijana wa juzi alie uliwa floringi wewe kama mwanasiasa na leader - Na kwa vile wewe mwenyewe umeathirika kwa mauaji kama haya kwa kifo cha ndugu yako najuwa wewe una uchungu zaidi kushinda viongozi wengine wote, jee umechukua hatua gani ya uhakika na vitendo kuhusu haya mauwaji ama ni mazungumzo tu kama taarifa ya habari ? Pole lakini hili jambo latuumiza sana sisi na twataka haya mambo yaishe tumechoka kila siku kuona kwa facebook watu wauliwa - kwatolewa speech kisha next week same thing again and again -speech speech speech what are you all doing to put a stop to these unlawful killings? tumechoka na speech?


Hon Saad Faraj Ahmed Shukran kwa pole ya ndugu yangu Mpendwa Omar Faraj, na Mungu amueke yeye penye wema, pamoja na wengine wengi waliouwawa kidhulma, Mimi kama Saad, kama kuna jambo ambalo linaniathiri na kuniumiza roho kila siku ni hili swala la kuuwawa ndugu zetu bila ya hatia yeyote. kwa hakika Kenya ni nchi inayoongozwa na katiba kupitia kwa mahakama. la kusikitisha ni sheria ya Anti-Terror act iliorekebishwa na kupitishwa na bunge la taifa lililopita. Hii sheria haikuwa na kheri na sisi kwani baada ya kupitishwa tu mauwaji ya kiholela yalianza. Mashirika ya Kutetea Haki za Kibinaadam, wamepiga fujo, wanasiasa wamelalamika, barua zimeandikwa kwenye taasisi husika za serikali kama Independent Police Over-sight Authority, CIC- Tume inayotekeleza Katiba, lakini mambo yanazidi kutuzonga, bila ya hii sheria ilioko kubadilishwa, tutabaki na vilio na hasira. Na ndio maana mimi naunga mkono referendum, kwa sababu ya kifungu hiki cha katiba, kati ya maswala mengineo. Kati ya watu waliowekwa kupanga suali hili la Kura Ya Maamuzi, ni ndugu yetu Khelef Khalifa ambae ni Mkurugenzi Mkuu wa MUHURI. Mimi binafsi nimeongea nae na kunihakikishia kuwa swala hili litakuwa moja wapo wa maswali yatakayoulizwa wakati wa referendum! Tukifaulu hapo, naamini tutabadilisha mitindo miovu ya Serikali dhidi ya watu wetu! Na ndio nawaomba nyote tuunge mkono referendum tuokoe umma wetu dhidi ya madhwalim wanaoutumaliza bila ya huruma.


Kijana Cha Juma Bhalo Shukran Hon Saad - now that you have touched the issue of referendum, allow me to say that we actually have members who have also touched on question about it and are now pending but , it seems from your above answer and if I understand you correctly is that, from what you have done so far the issue of insecurity in Mombasa (or at least for the time being ) IMEWASHINDA ? Are trying to sell the idea of referendum on the card of security to us ? I know this referendum is a broad topic but in short please tell us what exactly is the referendum going to solve that the current constitution couldn't ?


Kijana Cha Juma Bhalo After the answer for the above question, the next question will come from Kareem Mohamed INSHAAALLAH


Kareem Mohammed : This question is among mheshimiwa awesommers 8 questions,The mombasa county assembly of the mombasa county governemnt has a habit of doing things in secrecy,which is against the law. One example, in January this year, the county assembly passed the finance bill without creating much awareness to the public about the bill. When the former finance executive was impeached, there was no official statement on his impeachment....what is your take on this matter?


Hon Saad Faraj Ahmed: Security is purely the mandate of the National Gov't, however we as a County, have put measures in place to complement the local authority apparatus. His Excellency the Governor Hassan Joho in partnership with the Mombasa business Community were the first to provide ultra-modern Police Vehicles that are fuelled and maintained by the County. But, the County leadership has no command and/or control over the security apparatus. This is why our leadership, myself included, have been very vocal about this sensitive issue, and we've not shyed away from letting our sentiments and position. That is why progressive legislation is required to allow the county Gov'ts to actively participate in the security agenda! 


Kareem Mohamed while you are on my question saad you can squeeze this one too by hytham bhalo Story has it that county is rife with corruption where kickbacks is the order of the day in being granted tenders. Tenders are not awarded based on merit and this ends up costing the county in terms of money and substandard quality of work.. Officials are known to have even gone to the extent of slotting in their companies and awarding themselves these tenders in proxy. What have you as an MCA done to stop this?


Kijana Cha Juma Bhalo Thank you Hon Saad for answering my question if you may please now answer those two questions from my fellow admin Kareem Mohamed one is from Mheshimiwa Awesommer and one is from Haytham Bhalo-


Hon Saad Faraj Ahmed: Thank you Kareem Mohamed for that question, I wish to categorically state that the Finance Bill 2013 was subjected to Public Participation in the following venues, Kenya School of Gov't formerly GTI and Tononoka Social Hall, and it was publicized through print and electronic media! Unfortunately very few people turned-up for the excersice and their records of attendance are readily available for Public perusal, sadly, this has been the trend, but we met, our Constitutional obligation. Soon, InshaLLah we will have another Public Participation Excercise for the Finance Bill 2014, adverts will be out next week, I urge u all to turn-up in large numbers and participate in this very Important Document. Your views are absolutely, crucial for the smooth running of the county.


Hon Saad Faraj Ahmed:On the issue of the former Executive Member of Finance, an official statement was given by the office of the Governor to all media Houses for Public awareness.On the matter of Corruption, His Excellency the Governor and the County Leadership have been very vocal and in the fore-front in the fight against corruption. Measures have been put in place by installing sound Finance Sytems that ensures prudent management of County resources, such as IFMIS (Integrated Financial Management Information System and G-pay. Other system up-grades such as automation of the single business permits, construction permits are under-way! 


Kareem Mohamed thank you hon saad,lets hope they are satisfied by your elusive answer,,


Kijana Cha Juma Bhalo Thank you I need to ask you something Hon Saad if I may please


Hon Saad Faraj Ahmed Kindly if at all their is anyone who has information in regard to any corrupt practices in the County, please table it for necessary action!


Kijana Cha Juma Bhalo It has been reported that some of these questions are outside your scope, although you are doing a great job so far combating them one by one, are you happy so far? Please feel free to say if you think we are asking questions that are not related to your job.


Hon Saad Faraj Ahmed Kindly go ahead my bro Kijana Cha Juma Bhalo!


Kijana Cha Juma Bhalo Are you happy so far with these questions ?


Hon Saad Faraj Ahmed Yes I am, with regards to the Questions asked, they might be be out of my scope, due to the nature of my office, am privy to the information and I'll always be glad to share, because County info is Public info!


Kijana Cha Juma Bhalo Thank you now lets go down to your role MCA


Kijana Cha Juma Bhalo SUBJECT : MCA - More about your Role as an MCA, We have A question or two from one of our sisters Hilwa Zubeidy

Hon Saad. We have seen some of your good work that you have done so far and we have witnessed your down to earth demeanour and humility towards the people, Can you please enlighten us as to Who exactly are The Members of County Assembly - What are your roles? and whom do you report to ? 


Hon Saad Faraj Ahmed :Excerpt from the County Government Act 2012
Role of the county assembly 
(1) The county assembly shall— 
(a) vet and approve nominees for appointment to county public offices 
as may be provided for in this Act or any other law; 
(b) perform the roles set out under Article 185 of the Constitution; 
(c) approve the budget and expenditure of the county government in 
accordance with Article 207 of the Constitution, and the legislation 
contemplated in Article 220(2) of the Constitution, guided by Articles 
201 and 203 of the Constitution; 
(d) approve the borrowing by the county government in accordance with 
Article 212 of the Constitution; 
(e) approve county development planning; and 
(f) perform any other role as may be set out under the Constitution or 


Hon Saad Faraj Ahmed And I report to the Tononoka Electorate!


Kijana Cha Juma Bhalo Thank you so much Hon Saad Faraj Ahmed - I know we have been online for two hours now and I know that you have to attend to other matters, but we have so many questions pending that have not been asked. We would like you to stay longer but everything has an end. We understand that you have to leave now but you are more than happy to come back again as per what you have informed me already. We will be more than happy to have you here again any time, we know you are a MWANADONGE DAMU , and we are honoured to have you. But before we let you off the hook for tonight, please give us your last words and thought. The platform is yours and we are looking forward to have you soon. THANK YOU SO MUCH


Kijana Cha Juma Bhalo Kareem and I would like to apologize to all those who have submitted their questions but have not been aired tonight. We thank you for your participation and we hope inshaAallah to invite Hon Saad Faraj Ahmed again here in Donge and continue where we left.


Hon Saad Faraj Ahmed I would like to sincerely thank all Members (me included), for this wonderful opportunity to interact and share information. This is a very educative platform, lets continue to engage for the betterment of our County. I'll be more than glad to this again in the near future. You have All been wonderful, and please continue to share your views, thoughts and ideas to improve our County. Together we can achieve more! Right now I have to put my children to bed, and I wish you all a lovely weekend. Shukran and MA3aSsalamah!
















On the 9th .of November 2013, Donge La Mombasa Welfare Group invited Mr Suleiman Shahbal for a live interview on the Donge's Facebook group "MOMBASA - TOA DONGE LAKO ". It was the first time ever in Kenyan politics for for nterview of its kind  to be held on Facebook and Mr Shahbal did not dissapoint the audience with his sharp intelectual answers, We hace uploaded the whole interview here on our website so that our visitors can read for themselves and make up their minds about Mr Shahbal.



Opening post of the interview by Kijana Cha Juma Bhalo


We would like to thank Mr Suleiman Shahbal for taking his time in participating in this event. We also thank all those who have submitted their questions,. May God bless you all.
This is our first time to do this on this platform. We hope it will be good and it will be of benefit to the people of Mombasa, We also hope that more of such events will emerge on the social media throughout the country so that we can have a good dialogue with our politicians and have an understanding of how we can all participate to improve our country together.

One of the objectives of Donge La Mombas Welfare Group is "To Participate in political lobbying that will have a beneficial impact on our community." as well as apprenticeship , internships and mentor matching. A lot of people see Mr Shahbal as a good mentor and a role model. We hope to learn a thing or two from him today.

Tonight Donge La Mombasa welfare group is giving members of the public an opportunity to ask Mr Suleiman Shahbal personal and political questions.

The event is controlled by the group admins. All questions have been pre-inboxed by members to prevent any abusive language being used. Should anyone on facebook ( YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BE A MEMBER OF DONGE) have any questionS to ask Mr Shahbal during the event please send it to the admins Kareem Mohamed or Kijana Cha Juma Bhalo.
We are expecting spontaneous answers directly from Mr Shahbal who himself has been a silent member of Donge for 11 months now.

Mr. Suleiman Shahbal is a US graduate in business and finance, and has over 25 years experience in banking with large multinational and regional financial institutions.
He has held several key positions with leading banks, including - Vice President of Citibank in the Middle East, and Deputy General Manager - International Operations with BankMuscat, the largest investment and commercial bank in Oman. This position placed Suleiman at the forefront of acquiring banks in Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and India, and as a key contributor in the creation of international business for BankMuscat.
Although he has not won the 2012 Mombasa Governor's sit, he strongly believe that he is the right man for the job.

Polite notice to Donge Members.
To give this event and exclusive opportunity we are kindly asking you not to post anything on Donge until this event is over. We thank you so much for this. As soon as the event is over you can start posting and commenting again.

What would you like to ask MR Suleiman Shahbal.
Event starting in about 10 minutes on this post. Please do not post anything on Donge from 7,00 pm EAT. Thank you.

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Kijana Cha Juma Bhalo Salam Alykum Mr Suleiman Shahbal how are you today?
November 9 at 3:59pm · Like · 4
Suleiman Shahbal Wa Aleikum salaam. I am fine and looking forward to this dialogue.
November 9 at 4:04pm · Like · 11
Kijana Cha Juma Bhalo cool
November 9 at 4:04pm · Like · 2
Kijana Cha Juma Bhalo Thank you for doing this . It means a lot to us. We have received various questions that we will be putting them across to you till we finish. Inshallah we won't take too much of your valuable time.
November 9 at 4:05pm · Like · 2
Kijana Cha Juma Bhalo Are you at home?
November 9 at 4:05pm · Like · 2
Kijana Cha Juma Bhalo Without further ado the first question comes from Mohamed Salim Al Maery Studied MBA Finance at London College of Management & IT
November 9 at 4:09pm · Like · 1


Suleiman Shahbal We seem to be having a technical problem. I am not getting your response
November 9 at 4:10pm · Like
Kijana Cha Juma Bhalo If you need to be notified, You might want to turn on the notification on this group
November 9 at 4:11pm · Like · 1
Kijana Cha Juma Bhalo You could also refresh your screen that might help
November 9 at 4:13pm · Like
Suleiman Shahbal Are you getting this response .
November 9 at 4:15pm via mobile · Like
Kijana Cha Juma Bhalo Mr Suleiman Shahbal yes I am
November 9 at 4:16pm · Like
Kijana Cha Juma Bhalo how about you are you seeing this>?
November 9 at 4:16pm · Like
Suleiman Shahbal Ok let's roll. Suggest we start with the questions again.
November 9 at 4:17pm via mobile · Like · 3
Suleiman Shahbal Yes. I can
November 9 at 4:17pm via mobile · Like · 1
Kijana Cha Juma Bhalo cool Alhamdullah
November 9 at 4:17pm · Like
Kijana Cha Juma Bhalo My name is Mohamed Salim Al Maery Studied MBA Finance at London College of Management & IT Mr Suleiman Shahbal firstly thank you for doing this, tonight I have 3 questions for you.
Question number 1


1) All government hospitals provide worst services and private clinics are very expensive. If elected how will you resolve this issue? People are suffering.
November 9 at 4:17pm · Like · 29
Suleiman Shahbal None of our problems are unique. India and Cuba have solved this problems despite both being poor countries. The most efficient way is to set up primary health care centers in each ward of Msa and provide basic preventive care first. Then we reduce the traffic to the main hospitals. We need to see how services are improved in other countries and we duplicate those successes here. If india can provide cheap and efficient services so can we.
November 9 at 4:20pm via mobile · Unlike · 48
Kijana Cha Juma Bhalo Thank you next question coming If someone has further questions to ask about My Suleimans answes please feel free to inbox them to me.
November 9 at 4:22pm · Like · 2
Kijana Cha Juma Bhalo Question number 2 :
2) So many youth are still jobless, what's the real time practical solution?
November 9 at 4:22pm · Like · 10
Kijana Cha Juma Bhalo we have removed that question it will come later this it to maintain the flow of the conversation questions will come from either myself or Kareem Mohamed , so please if you can answer the 2nd question from Mohamed please -
November 9 at 4:24pm · Like · 8
Kijana Cha Juma Bhalo I have just got msg from Mr Shahbal he is answering the 2nd question now.
November 9 at 4:33pm · Like · 2
Suleiman Shahbal Job creation can only come if we manage to attract investment into Mombasa. Second, we need to provide the youth with training, ideas and starting capital either as loans or grants. But training is critical. However, I still believe that attracting investment here is the quickest way to create job. County Government must be a deal maker and attract investors ASAP.
November 9 at 4:33pm via mobile · Unlike · 38
Kijana Cha Juma Bhalo Thank you for you answer Mr Shahbal 3 rd th question coming
November 9 at 4:36pm · Like · 2
Kijana Cha Juma Bhalo Question number 3 :
3) Drugs Menace is still a big problem in our society, how are you planning to solve the problem?
November 9 at 4:36pm · Like · 23
Suleiman Shahbal The drug problem is killing our county and we now have the dubious distinction of having the highest number of drug addicts in Africa. We need to raise national awareness on the problem and force the national government to actually act rather than just talk. Second, we need to aggressively get the community at the local level to do public arrests of peddlers and then get the county government to ensure they are charged and jailed. Third we need to to educate youth more on the dangers. In the early 1980's and 90's people were dying like flies due to Aids - education helped reduce this problem. Finally, let's get our youth employed and they will have no time for drugs.
November 9 at 4:41pm via mobile · Unlike · 46
Kijana Cha Juma Bhalo
November 9 at 4:44pm · Like · 1


Kijana Cha Juma Bhalo You said in your previous answer that Job creation can only come if we manage to attract investment into Mombasa. the next question comes from Hassan Mohamed Hassan a business man from Kisauni :
Aalkm My name is Hassan Mohamed Hassan I am business man from Kisauni, first I wud like to appreciate the gud work donge is doing for the community (Allah bless U all) my 3 questions for Mr Shahbal are:
1.You are known as a magnate for foreign investors, Given an opportunity how would you bring investors to Msa County?
November 9 at 4:45pm · Like · 15
Kijana Cha Juma Bhalo This is a msg to readers, If any one has further questions regarding Mr Shahbals answers please do not hesitate to inbox them to me so that we have a good just a one flow of questions and answers. Thanks you
November 9 at 4:47pm · Like · 2
Suleiman Shahbal I have a track record of bringing in investors into Kenya. Every country claims to be the best investment destination but investors look for real projects to invest into rather than just ideas. If we go abroad and say come and set up a cashew nut factory, they would ignore that, but if you offer them land, tax incentives, then tell them that you are incentivizing 5000 farmers to grow cashew nuts - now you are talking a real project not just an idea. We also need to have focused marketing to investors rather than general ideas. Investors also look for credible partners, safe and clean environment with proper facilities. If we can't clean our garbage and permits take forever to process, then they will go to Machakos instead of Mombasa.
November 9 at 4:52pm via mobile · Unlike · 42
Kijana Cha Juma Bhalo How many investors have you brought since loosing the election?
November 9 at 4:54pm · Like · 10
Suleiman Shahbal Frankly, since the election I have not focused much on business. However we are now in discussion with five groups on work on power projects that will bring in investments in excess of $550 million. I have also initiated discussion with other investors to promote low cost housing.
November 9 at 4:57pm via mobile · Unlike · 31
Kijana Cha Juma Bhalo Thank you for your frankness - 2nd question from Hassan MOhamed Hassan the business man from Kisauni : What is the progress and status of the University project in Kilifi you initiated last year?
November 9 at 4:59pm · Like · 10
Suleiman Shahbal The university was delayed by my politics. However, we have now completed the curriculums, reached agreements with three international partners, designs completed and gone to tender, contractors appointed, capital raised and the debt component almost finalized. We will break ground before end of the year and take our first students by Jan. 2015. By the way, 20% of all students will be on 100% free scholarship. No more will our top students not go to Uni just because their parents are poor.
November 9 at 5:03pm via mobile · Like · 35
Suleiman Shahbal This is the one project that hopefully people will remember be for long after my politics are long forgotten ! Inshallah !
November 9 at 5:05pm via mobile · Like · 26
Kijana Cha Juma Bhalo Anyone reading your spontaneous answers can tell how Intelligent you are and how you can manage situations , as frank as you are please let us know frankly speaking who is the boss at home ? you or our lovely Aunty?
November 9 at 5:05pm · Like · 10
Suleiman Shahbal The boss at home is my wife.


November 9 at 5:06pm via mobile · Unlike · 33
Kijana Cha Juma Bhalo cooool dude you are becoming my role model now
November 9 at 5:07pm · Like · 10
Kijana Cha Juma Bhalo Last question from Hassan Mohamed the business man from Kisauni
3.You are listed as one of the owners of FURSA LEO LTD a microfinance which is advertised as being 'Sharia compliant' while at the same time giving loans on interest which is an obvious contravention of Islamic finance..what is ur take on this.? Shukran,Wabillahi taufiq
November 9 at 5:07pm · Like · 12
Suleiman Shahbal Yes My wife and I are the originator of Fursa Leo which we set up to help people. So far it has financed over 3000 women quietly without too much fanfare. We charge a profit on the funding - not interest. Profit is a fixed rate and does not increase over time or change. Interest is a running meter which is haram for us. I have consulted widely on how best to make this as shariah compliant as possible. We are trying our best to help and if you have better ideas then share with us to improve.
November 9 at 5:12pm via mobile · Unlike · 32
Kijana Cha Juma Bhalo do they share losses too ?
November 9 at 5:13pm · Like · 4
Suleiman Shahbal Incidentally all profits go back into the company to fund other women.
November 9 at 5:13pm via mobile · Unlike · 19
Suleiman Shahbal No. We don't ask them to share losses. Fursa Leo has not made any money since inception. In fact we keep pumping money into the company and both Rahma and I see this as our contribution to society. Borrowers take their own profits or losses.
November 9 at 5:17pm via mobile · Unlike · 23
Kijana Cha Juma Bhalo Bravo to Aunty Rahma - I have a msg for you Mr Shahbal from a member he is saying " shahbal nailed it when he said.... "If we can't clean our garbage and permits take forever to process, then they will go to Machakos instead of Mombasa." "
November 9 at 5:18pm · Like · 16
Suleiman Shahbal In micro finance lending we don't ask for security of title deeds or log books. We work with groups who guarantee each other. Visit their offices for more ideas.

For those of you in the Diaspora, how can you help us ?
November 9 at 5:19pm via mobile · Like · 13


Kijana Cha Juma Bhalo Thank you
November 9 at 5:19pm · Like · 3
Kijana Cha Juma Bhalo Another queation from another member
Mr Mheshimiwa Shahbal.
My name is Rahim Rajan. A voter from Ziwa la ng'ombe in Nyali constituency. Living in Kampala.
1. 6 Months after elections we are yet to see any major changes in the lives of our people. We still have problems of the past. Empty taps, pathetic roads, filthy streets, rationed electricity, security lapses, killings, deaths in our hospitals... list is endless. Where would you start if you were to be declared the governor right at this moment?
November 9 at 5:20pm · Like · 25
Suleiman Shahbal Rajan, there is no start to solving those problems because I am not running the show. I don't guarantee that I would have solved all those problems by now but for sure you would have seen the start of many solutions at work. You would have seen public participation in our we can jointly solve our problems. I am a great believer that it is the public who can solve their own community problems and it is the role of government to enable the public to start solving their problems. Together we can !
November 9 at 5:29pm via mobile · Unlike · 28
Kijana Cha Juma Bhalo in continuation from your last answer about the governments responsiblity to enable the public to start solving the problem , the 2nd question from mr Rajan who is the son of our Donge Legend Karim Rajan - is 2. Do you think Gov. Joho has the ability to take us out of this mess ?
November 9 at 5:33pm · Like · 8
Suleiman Shahbal If I believed he had the capacity I would have supported him. Let's wait and see.
November 9 at 5:34pm via mobile · Like · 24
Kijana Cha Juma Bhalo its true they say time will tell so lets wait and see
November 9 at 5:37pm · Like · 6
Kijana Cha Juma Bhalo Never the less Rahim Rajan is still on you about that he wants to know this, if you think that Joho hasnt got the capacity to do the job, what practical advise would you give him................ 3. Given the chance what advise do you give him on the way forward for the good of our people? Thank you sir.
November 9 at 5:39pm · Like · 14
Suleiman Shahbal As you are aware, we are still in court challenging his legitimacy. We do not agree that the people of MOmbasa voted for his leadership or vision if any, so we believe we need a change in leadership before more mess is created. However, should the court process still recon firm him as the Governor - and he wants my advice- I would be more than happy to share ideas, contacts and relationships for the benefit of Mombasa. Mombasa is bigger than Joho and Shahbal.
November 9 at 5:44pm via mobile · Unlike · 39
Kijana Cha Juma Bhalo Mr Shahbal una Madonge makali mashallah - so what stage are you at in regards to the case have you got any hope of winning you sound like you are not ? please tell us more
November 9 at 5:46pm · Edited · Like · 15
Suleiman Shahbal I never fight wars that I do not believe I cannot win. I believe we have a solid case and grounds that threw out 5 other elected leaders - but were completely ignored by our judge. Now it's at the court of appeal under 3 judges. I believe we will win. Meanwhile Joho has gone to the Supreme Court. I believe we will win there also.
November 9 at 5:51pm via mobile · Unlike · 23
Kijana Cha Juma Bhalo thank you - let the best man win inshallah we want whats best for the people of Mombasa
November 9 at 5:52pm · Like · 12
Kijana Cha Juma Bhalo Apart from politics and business How do you spend you free time what are your recreations ?
November 9 at 5:52pm · Like · 7
Suleiman Shahbal My favorite pastime is reading and socializing with family. I have 2 young daughters Sarah 7, and Samira 4, and I try my best to spend as much time with them as I can. I wish I had more hours in the day...
November 9 at 5:54pm via mobile · Unlike · 27
Kijana Cha Juma Bhalo do you chew miraa ?
November 9 at 5:55pm · Like · 11
Suleiman Shahbal No I don't chew miraa.






November 9 at 5:55pm via mobile · Like · 22
Kijana Cha Juma Bhalo this is from Timeline Merchant Now that you are playing an opposition role in Mombasa as mentioned before what is you opinion & what are you planing to do in regard to the finance bill raised by county, in my layman opinion the bill will drain a lot of small SMEs around. and this will also create high rate of insecurity esp with the people who cant foot this but i long to hear you word and action on this. What is your opinion?
November 9 at 6:01pm · Like · 24
Kareem Mohamed this is from ahmed bujber,akhi,were you to be the govenor now 7 months on what difference would u have made from the incumbent govenor?
November 9 at 6:11pm via mobile · Like · 11
Kijana Cha Juma Bhalo Timeline Merchant you question might have hit a nerve because it seems Mr Suleiman Shahbal is preparing Donge kali kuhusu hilo swali so lets give him some time inshaaallah
November 9 at 6:15pm · Like · 7
Suleiman Shahbal This team has no clue on budgeting. Every housewife in Mombasa knows that if you have an income of 10,000 then you manage within that amount. Mombasa started with a budget of 33 billion, then revised to 22 billion and now down to 9.5 billion. Where did they expect to raise the deficit from? At this rate, they are giving the Central Government reasons to delay funding to Mombasa. This will delay even basic services.

The Finance Bill is more of a wish list than a well thought out plan. It still hasn't been debated or approved by the county assembly. We are waiting to see how the assembly respond before we act. Perhaps they will see how poor this act is and force revision just as they did with the ridiculous budget of 33 billion. This act if approved will make business more difficult and expensive in Mombasa - ultimately it will increase the cost of living in Mombasa. You cannot develop a city by overtaxation but by increasing investment. Mombasa will not be an attractive business destination. Where will the new jobs that we desperately need come from ? Do they need our help ? We can help.
November 9 at 6:19pm via mobile · Unlike · 30



Suleiman Shahbal Had I been Governor now you would have seen the start of many solutions being implemented from the ward level upwards. Stop fantasizing !!!!
November 9 at 6:19pm via mobile · Unlike · 24
Suleiman Shahbal Nothing sensitive about the question. All our plans were clearly articulated in our "Contract with the People of Mombasa". We would have been at work implementing.
November 9 at 6:19pm via mobile · Unlike · 13
Suleiman Shahbal Sorry I replied the last 3 questions but we are experiencing network problems.
November 9 at 6:19pm via mobile · Unlike · 7
Kijana Cha Juma Bhalo Wow Mr Suleiman Shahbal - that is one hell of an answer - would you like to take a break? a cuppa maybe ?
November 9 at 6:22pm · Like · 8
Suleiman Shahbal I am fine. Do YOU need a break ? I am the one on the hot seat and you are getting tired ?
November 9 at 6:24pm via mobile · Unlike · 32
Kijana Cha Juma Bhalo hahahaahahaha wacha zako wait for the next question kijasho kisikutoke
November 9 at 6:24pm · Like · 10
Suleiman Shahbal Why is Machakos vibrant and why is Mombasa still in the doldrums ? You answer that pls
November 9 at 6:26pm via mobile · Like · 13
Kijana Cha Juma Bhalo After this question you will get question from Kareem I hope you will see his question............... some of our donge members were in your campaign team and were not treated well, the next question comes from the General Secretary of Donge La Mombasa Welfare Group Mrs Leila Ramadhan also known as Rumy Y. Ramad During the last elections ur main slogan was PROVEN MANAGER, A lot of people feel,myself included that u lost the elections because of appointing incompetent people to handle the campaigns,poor mobilization,disorganization,favoritism ,poor time management,lack of proper communication,and mediocre advertising, On a scale of 1-10 how well do u think u managed ur campaign/team and what steps or mechanisms do u think u should have put up to ensure the outcome was a little different...
November 9 at 6:31pm · Edited · Like · 13
Suleiman Shahbal Like any large project or campaign there are always improvements to be made. I have been told so many times that you didn't have an A team. Ok, where was the A team to be found ? Most of the people on my team w erre volunteers who came and offered their services not for Shahbal but for Mombasa. Where was the A team ? Second, don't forget we got more than 95000 votes. We believe we won the election with the team we had. Where we failed is that we could not prevent the rigging. There we definitely failed. Don't forget that 2 years ago nobody knew who Shahbal was. Now he is a national figure. So clearly this team was not as bad as people claim.

My deepest regret is that many of the best people in Mombasa stood on the sidelines watching while we were desperately fighting to change Mombasa. I wish they could have joined us on the ground fighting for Mombasa - not for Shahbal. We needed troops on the ground and in the trenches not armchair critics. Why do people wait for an invitation to join a good cause ?
November 9 at 6:35pm via mobile · Unlike · 36
Kijana Cha Juma Bhalo a msg from a member " Shahbal you are the Governor we missed your spontaneous answers are brilliant"
November 9 at 6:36pm · Like · 12
Kijana Cha Juma Bhalo Kareem please ask your question
November 9 at 6:37pm · Like · 2
Kijana Cha Juma Bhalo Kareem might be having a technical problem please see next question from Abdulmuttalib Fadhil Al-Bakry
assalam aleikum
kwanza mabrukini donge for what you are doing. It is a great concept and wonderful thing to have the leaders here. Hopefully joho will also agree to the same
again also well done for all you are doing for the society.
Now, for shahbal question;
What is your take on the county budget of 22 Billion? Is it realistic? What do you think is really at play here?
Is it all a ruse to cover the 3 Billion that was fleeced by the previous council?
If you were the one drawing the budget, and the national govt was giving you 4 Billion, what will your total budget be?
shukran ya jamaa and Allah Bless you and dongerians always....
November 9 at 6:42pm · Like · 15
Kijana Cha Juma Bhalo Ali ShahbalMOMBASA - TOA DONGE LAKO
Wana donge Mheshimiwa Suleiman Shahbal answering your questions from his ipad.
Kijana Cha Juma Bhalo's photo.
November 9 at 6:44pm · Like · 23

Kijana Cha Juma Bhalo live picture hio tumeletewa
November 9 at 6:44pm · Like · 4
Kareem Mohamed this is from“the govenor“ from dubai,mr shahbal were you to loose your supreme case battle will you still work with mr joho for the unity of msa
November 9 at 6:45pm via mobile · Unlike · 12
Suleiman Shahbal I have responded to the budget question. It's based on wishful thinking rather than planning. You cannot make a budget that is 3 times your revenues. You work with what you have and then plan to raise more. Budget planning requires setting short term priorities and how to fund them and then you plan long term projects and plan how to finance them - by identifying how you will raise revenues or income to finance them. It is not based on wishful thinking. I doubt whether this mess up on the budget is an attempt to cover past financial indiscretions - it's just basic incompetence.
November 9 at 6:48pm via mobile · Unlike · 19
Kijana Cha Juma Bhalo If you cannot make a budget that is three times your revenues, then the next question comes from our very own son he even changed his name to Idi Muhammad Bin Donge Muhammad Bin Donge
Question Mr shahbal you Aim was to turn mombasa iwe kama dubai, do you still have that Aim? where are you going to get the money from ? If you really love msa n you were ready to be the leader of this coastal city, can't you do it now? basically What budget will make Mombasa another Dubai
November 9 at 6:52pm · Edited · Like · 8
Suleiman Shahbal My obligation to the 5000 people who campaigned for us and the thousands who voted for us is to fight for our rightful victory. If we lose this legal battle, then our moral obligation is to put aside our differences and get to work together. I can work with anyone. I will make my contribution to Mombasa even if out of the political circles.
November 9 at 6:52pm via mobile · Unlike · 22
Kijana Cha Juma Bhalo I think you have answered a lot of questions there by saying " I can work with anyone". But, Will you swallow any pride and approach the Governor and say lets work together or will you wait for him to swallow his pride and approach you and say lets work together for the people of Mombasa ?
November 9 at 6:55pm · Like · 12
Suleiman Shahbal Don't believe for a minute that our development will come from the 9.5 billion that Mombasa has. Every large project in Dubai was funded by International banks and investors who believed in the vision and leadership of Dubai. I remain determined to make Mombasa the Dubai of East Africa. We need vision and good leadership and we can change our world. It's been done in many other places - so can we !
November 9 at 6:56pm via mobile · Unlike · 26
Kijana Cha Juma Bhalo A lot of people are crying to see you working together with the Governor
November 9 at 6:58pm · Like · 5
Suleiman Shahbal I have no ego and I hold no personal grudge against anyone. Right now we are in a boxing ring so we cannot be the best of friends. Once this is over, whether I win or lose, I will approach Joho and his team and tell them let's work together. The question is, will they agree ?
November 9 at 6:59pm via mobile · Unlike · 48
Kijana Cha Juma Bhalo You are going to get a lot of likes there
November 9 at 7:00pm · Like · 3
Kijana Cha Juma Bhalo Next question comes from Lela Goldsmith from London
November 9 at 7:01pm · Like · 4
Kijana Cha Juma Bhalo 1.how do you balance the demands of being a public servant, a businessman, a visionary with your domestic role as husband and father?
November 9 at 7:01pm · Like · 7
Suleiman Shahbal I am still struggling to reach the rightful balance. I know my family is losing out so much. I know my business is losing out so much. But my family and business partners know that this is a sacrifice we are all making. Believe it is not easy.
November 9 at 7:04pm via mobile · Unlike · 24
Kijana Cha Juma Bhalo Pole Mr Suleiman but you are doing a wonderful job I am sure your family knows that and we thank them .............. would you like to add on top of that another task ? How about becoming an admin wa Donge ?
November 9 at 7:10pm · Edited · Like · 11
Kijana Cha Juma Bhalo hhahaaha usijikune kitwa its a joke you wont survive even one hour --------Last question from Ms Goldsmith is 2. What is the biggest failure you have ever experienced and what did you learn from that?
November 9 at 7:07pm · Like · 8
Suleiman Shahbal Thanks for changing the photo. This was taken in Likoni.
November 9 at 7:13pm via mobile · Like · 3
Suleiman Shahbal Leila Goldsmith, you ask very tough questions ! I have had many failures in life. Failures in business, in politics, in relationships and even in matters of faith. I take each failure as a learning lesson and use it as a learning block. I believe that failing to stop the rigging was a big failure on my part (I take personal responsibility for that) and I feel I failed my team. I am still reassessing that and coming to terms with that and learning to ensure it doesn't happen again.
November 9 at 7:13pm via mobile · Like · 18
Suleiman Shahbal Thank you for the offer to admin Donge. I am technologically challenged !
November 9 at 7:13pm via mobile · Unlike · 12
Suleiman Shahbal Leila, are you Usama's daughter ? I mean the Usama's from Kenya who is working with me on the University project ?
November 9 at 7:14pm via mobile · Unlike · 13
Kijana Cha Juma Bhalo Inshaallah while Mr Shahbal is answering the questions I I would like to inform you all that when we finish this event, we will copy all these answers and upload them on our website www.dongelamombasa.com so that you can easily see them inshaallah.
November 9 at 7:14pm · Like · 16 · Remove Preview
Kijana Cha Juma Bhalo Mr Shahbal Yes she is
November 9 at 7:14pm · Like · 4
Kijana Cha Juma Bhalo Next question come from Maya Baibe
Question for shahbal... After loosing the election and the appeal case is he still gonna go for it next term..if yes. what has motivate him to not give up on politics??
November 9 at 7:15pm · Like · 7
Suleiman Shahbal I did not go into politics because I want to be called muheshimiwa. It pains me to see Kenyan graduates selling coffee in Starbucks in Dubai. I know these young people deserve better and we, the people with capacity to bring changes have failed them. That's why they are looking for life in Dubai. I want to see them come home with jobs. As long as I believe I can make a difference in the lives of our people I will remain in politics- whether elected or not. I don't have to be Governor to make a difference- but if I do become Governor then I can and will make trireme duos differences in the lives of so many. Don't you think this is enough reason to stay engaged ? We all have a role to play to change our country and we must try.
November 9 at 7:22pm via mobile · Unlike · 40
Kijana Cha Juma Bhalo what is your take in gay and lesbian rights ?
November 9 at 7:24pm · Like · 5
Suleiman Shahbal Gay and Lesbian rights. The last time I was interviewed on this subject was deliberately distorted. This time I hope Donge members will ensure that my words are not twisted.

My position on this subject remain unchanged. As a Muslim I cannot accept homosexuality. Second, Gay Rights as understood in the West are unacceptable to me. For example same sex marriages are unacceptable to me. Neither can I accept Gay lifestyle being propagated as an acceptable "alternative lifestyle". However, gay people are also human beings and citizens and they are also entitled to all rights as other citizens. I find it amazing that closet homosexuals tend to be the most anti gay proponents and the ones shouting the most are themselves gay. Let's stop this hypocrisy.
November 9 at 7:32pm via mobile · Unlike · 46
Kijana Cha Juma Bhalo Wow what can I say! that is even seen in the film American Beauty by Kevin Spacey - Your answer there.......... is good
November 9 at 7:37pm · Like · 9
Kijana Cha Juma Bhalo do you support MRC what is your vision towards their movement
November 9 at 7:38pm · Like · 9
Suleiman Shahbal MRC is a movement with legitimate issues. Land, jobs, education and marginalization. These are all real issues in the coast. However I do not agree on their proposed solutions. Pwani is part and parcel of Kenya and we are all Kenyans. In the Kenyan family we will have inter family problems. You don't run away, you solve them. I believe devolution will help us solve our problems if we approach our problems frankly and find solutions. I also totally reject any violence as a proposed solution and I firmly believe that Wabara are not to be used as an excuse. Our Wabara living in the coast are ours and they are our partners in our joys and sorrows. We need to work together not against each other.
November 9 at 7:43pm via mobile · Unlike · 33
Kijana Cha Juma Bhalo I will let people make their own decisions in regards to your answers but I personally think the level of intelligence and given the spontaneity , its one to be admired.
November 9 at 7:49pm · Like · 14
Suleiman Shahbal Thank you.
November 9 at 7:50pm via mobile · Like · 4
Kijana Cha Juma Bhalo Some of the questions I am getting were sent in the last hour or so and some are repeated, so I am trying not to ask you questions that have already been asked, the next question come from Rabia anotherone of Usama's daughter, she has two questions the first one is : Asalam Aleikum. I hope its going to be another tough questions My name is Rabiya Goldsmith. An entrepreneur and business student. My question is that Kenya's corruption is among the highest in the world. How you would you as a leader deal with that so that a proper system can be set up to serve all citizens of Mombasa as equal and the investors ?
November 9 at 7:52pm · Like · 12
Suleiman Shahbal Many banks in Kenya have huge problems with corrupt employees. When I set up Gulf African Bank I told my management team that the day I as chairman becomes corrupt then you are all allowed to be corrupt. I told them anyone asking or taking a bribe loses his job immediately. I am proud that GAB has no corruption today. Corruption starts at the top and then permeates downwards. I believe in zero tolerance in corruption and would lead by example. You would lose your job if you took a bribe. Let's make it a high risk low return opportunity to take bribes. I admit this culture will take time to get rid of it but we can start with examples. Things are changing in Kenya and we are starting to reduce high level corruption
November 9 at 8:00pm via mobile · Like · 15
Kijana Cha Juma Bhalo You said you feel bad to see graduates selling coffee at starbucks in Dubai and you would like to see them come back, , You are a business man and a rich man, why do you need to be in politics to do that why dont you stop fighting for politics and use your position to get the diapora back now then maybe once you have proven your worth the Govenrors position will be handed to you on a plate, the following quesion comes from Karama Ben Timimy
.there ia ao much wasted talent like myself who are educated and very skillful youth who couldn't find jobs in mombasa and had to make the hard decisions to go and work abroad. How do u think a system can me made to attract back the talents in order to come back and build mombasa as one of the reason we always hear from the government is 'vijana wa mombasa hawakusoma.' And we end up seeing big position in mombasa all taken by people from upcountry. ?
November 9 at 8:02pm · Edited · Like · 9
Suleiman Shahbal By the way, I asked Samira, age 4 for a hug and she demanded chocolates first ! Is this corruption at an early age ? I paid up with the chocolates.
November 9 at 8:02pm via mobile · Unlike · 18
Kijana Cha Juma Bhalo hahahaha will I be right to say " welcome to Kenya" ?
November 9 at 8:04pm · Like · 3
Suleiman Shahbal Politics is an end to a means. By becoming Governor I can initiate large public projects that will create jobs that will bring you all back from abroad. I respect those who look for work anywhere. I worked as a sweeper when I was a student and washed dishes in the cafeteria. I am proud of this. As a businessman, I have created hundreds of jobs but as the manager of public resources I can create larger opportunities and create thousands of jobs. It's a question of creating opportunity and having the platform to do it.

We in Mombasa must admit that our attention to education is appalling. Why are we always last ? Why is it that in Nairobi I see hundreds of employees leaving work tired ... And then going straight to college. How often do you see that in Mombasa. Let's start by accepting our weaknesses so we can find our solutions.
November 9 at 8:09pm via mobile · Unlike · 25
Kijana Cha Juma Bhalo who is your role model and why ?
November 9 at 8:10pm · Like · 3
Suleiman Shahbal As a youth I idolized Malcolm X but it is Martin Luther King who inspired me. I am inspired by my grandfather who taught himself to read and started as a cook in Recorder restaurant in old town and died one of the most respected men of his time. Achievement is based on the respect you will ultimately command from your peers.
November 9 at 8:17pm via mobile · Unlike · 22
Kijana Cha Juma Bhalo thank you didnt we all idolize Malcom I even have similar glasses till now that I have kept since 1992 - i hope you are not going to fight to be the governor by any means necessary, ukishindwa this time si utabali sio ? how far are you going to fight the court case ?
November 9 at 8:21pm · Edited · Like · 4
Suleiman Shahbal Pls don't personalize this to Shahbal. I fight because I carry the hopes of over 95,000 people who voted for me. I have an obligation to fight for their right and their choice. If I lose, then I can look at our people and say we did our best. It was not Gods Will. Let's move on. As the Holy Quran says "Asa tuhibu shi wahiya sharu lakum, wa takrahu shi wahiya kheilulakum" There are times you want something and it is bad for you and there are times who hate something and it is good for you. Only God knows. We do our best and leave the rest to God.
November 9 at 8:26pm via mobile · Unlike · 26
Kijana Cha Juma Bhalo Last week we posted a question here in Donge as to who is the best role model in Mombasa and Abdulswamads name was on top of the list, some local members were also mentioned, we are going to collect these names and upload them on our website dongelamombasa.com May we please have the name of your Late Gradfather may Allah rest him in Jannat so that we can post it kwa site yetu?
November 9 at 8:28pm · Edited · Like · 4
Kijana Cha Juma Bhalo The next two questions come from a fellow politician, so brace yourself
November 9 at 8:30pm · Like · 4
Suleiman Shahbal Abdulsamad is indeed a good role model. While we were on opposite camps and he supported my opponent, our politics were non confrontational and non abusive. We are still friends. I admire his tireless work on education and social service. His father, the late Shariff Nasser was a good friend of mine. Mzee would have been proud of his son.

My grandfather was the late Swaleh Mbarak Shahbal.
November 9 at 8:32pm via mobile · Unlike · 25
Kijana Cha Juma Bhalo Mungu amrehemu Al Habib wetu Shariff Nassir amuweke pema pamoja na wema
November 9 at 8:33pm · Like · 11
Kijana Cha Juma Bhalo Inshaallah tutawaweka kwa website yetu wote hoa kwani Mombasa really needs good role model kwa wingi
November 9 at 8:34pm · Like · 5
Kijana Cha Juma Bhalo now this quesions is from a fellow politician Hon.Omar Mohamed Shebe Kongowea Nyali Constituency Mombasa County Trading
I have two question to Hon. Suleiman Shahbal
question 1
Former Mombasa mayor Ahmed Mohdhar has been named among top beneficiaries of grabbed public land at Buxton estate.
A report by the county government says 15 plots at the 30 acre-estate have been grabbed. The Councillors are said to have sold the more than seven acres to developers who have put up flats and other residences on the land.
With the current leadership I believe that no action will be taken to put those mentions behind bars.
what action will the opposition movement for change take to make sure that the former mayor and those mention face the full arm of the law?
November 9 at 8:34pm · Like · 19
Kijana Cha Juma Bhalo Shahbal asema "Kila mwenye Donge lake - Aje hapa alitowe - Waume na wanawake - Ili ukweli wajuwe - Aso juwa kazi yake - Kheri aketi atuwe. Sule Kiboko Yao
Kijana Cha Juma Bhalo's photo.
November 9 at 8:41pm · Like · 16
Suleiman Shahbal The bigger question is who put the mayor there in the first place ? Let us not rush to judgement too fast just to target the former mayor. I have seen so many such reports in the Press and nothing comes out of this. We don't want to rush to giving opinions on press reports. Land grabbing is a serious issue. Before we respond I would like to see what action the Government will take.
November 9 at 8:43pm via mobile · Unlike · 12
Kijana Cha Juma Bhalo second question : question 2
I welcomed the opposition movement for change and I believe it’s the right mechanism that we need to put the current leadership on check.
since it was launch many have showed interest in joining the movement and are willing and ready to register, but no further information has been shared to the residents of Mombasa county on this issue
How are you going to share more information regarding the movement agendas and program to the public and where can one go and join the movement ?
How can we help as grassroots leaders to make the movement stronger and popular to the residents of Mombasa because I am willing to serve for the movement at any capacity if given a chance?
Thank you God bless you
November 9 at 8:44pm · Like · 7
Suleiman Shahbal The Movement for Change is not a new idea. Lord Acton once said "Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely". The entire assembly of Mombasa is ODM and the government of Mombasa does not accept any ideas that challenge theirs. In today's Star newspaper I see that one of THEIR ward representatives has been fired as chairman because he opposed giving G4 the collection contract for Kongowea. They then accuse himof working for Shahbal. I don't even know him ! This intolerance means that they will do as they wish and no one will question them. The last council left Mombasa bankrupt and indebted to the tune of over 4 billion- why ? There was no challenge in the council. We cannot repeat this mistake.

We are setting up proper structure for the MFC and will soon roll it out to the public. I welcome your interest to contribute. Good men and women should not wait to be invited to join a good cause. We will fight to ensure good governance and transparency. It's our hard earned taxes that they are playing with. And with people writing up 33 billion budgets on an income of less than 10 then we all know we have a problem coming. If we a re not careful all our estates and Nyali bridge and Fort Jesus will be sold.
November 9 at 8:59pm via mobile · Unlike · 20
Kijana Cha Juma Bhalo Mr Suleiman Shahbal you have been answering questions for five hours instantaneously, We would like to let you have some rest but before we do that please allow me to share with you some msgs from members that I have received, once this is over they will be free to air their views about the even, we would also like to hear from you what you think about it and about our objectives and we can work together and impove things together. quotes " 1. Perfect timing and perfect person 2. It shows how sincere he is.... its not easy to answer questions for close to 5 hours" 3. I wish donge was like this everyday 4. I have newfound respect foe him Na ametuonyesha his personal.side as well " end quotes ....... ........ these are not my words but members whom have inboxed me. There is still a demand for more answers from you, I still have few questions that I couldn't put them across. Inshaallah lets plan another day. . It has been a honor to have you here. May this be an example for others that politicians in or out of office have to engage in public forums like this, one day or another , where they will be heard live and on the spot from across the globe. May God bless you and may whats kher for you, reach you, and all the best in all that you are doing. .. For Donge members I would like to apologize to anyone whose questions I could not ask today Inshallah next time....... Thank you all for sending us those questions and please lets all work together regardless of our differences FOR THE LOVE OF MOMBASA. WITH UNITY AND SACRIFICE WE WILL REBUILD OUR COMMUNITY. On behalf of the committee board I say, Thank you and God bless you all.
November 9 at 9:08pm · Edited · Like · 8
Hussein Mohamed Ramadhan Thank you muheshimiwa shahbal.
November 9 at 9:11pm via mobile · Unlike · 2
Suleiman Shahbal Thank you for inviting me. I can hardly believe that we have been online for 5 hours ! I appreciate and admire what your organization is doing. We must all do our part and our contribution. I admire this exchange of ideas without fighting or abusing each other. Thank you and let's plan for another time. God bless you all. Thank you for tuning in for five hours. I hope you all enjoyed this dialogue.



























































































































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