At the end of every month, members of the Donge facebook page vote for who was the best participant of the month. The person who made the most positive, educative, funny and beneficial posts and contributions to the Mombasa community. The person who deserves for one reason or another to be recognized and given a token of appreciation for his or her efforts.

The winner is then crowned the BEST DONGE MEMBER. His/her name is engraved on  a trophy (photo) and its then uploaded on the cover page of the group for a number of days.

Below is a list of the winners so far

Donge Member Of the Month Award for October 2014 was Ramla Said.

Donge Member of the Month Award for August 2014 was: Black Bajun.

Donge Member of the Month Award for June 2014 was :Ghalib Adnan.

Donge Member of the Month Award for May 2014 was: Mwana Pate.

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