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The Constitution.


The name of the society shall be DONGE LA MOMBASA WELFARE GROUP.  Also known as DLMWG.


The Organization pursuance of the objectives stated herein – before shall be nongovernmental and non-profit making, working for the vast welfare of the people of the Coast province in general and for the Mombasa County in specific:
Through our organisation, we will strengthen our community by:

1. Provide a vibrant network, cohesion and integration of local residents in Mombasa and the ones in Diaspora in which community development ideas are exchanged and implemented to improve the welfare of the local community.

2. Providing a social media platform that will facilitate constructive civic engagement and dialogue amongst members.

3. Participate in political lobbying that will have a beneficial impact on our community.

4. Implementing programs that encourage responsible citizenship and community ownership.

5. Identify potential opportunities for local business investment that will encourage economic growth in the region.

6. To provide educational opportunities to local children  by providing bursaries, scholarship programs.

7. Create awareness of job opportunities that are available locally.

8. Organise and encourage youth development programmes such as but not limited to community volunteerism, Youth empowerment, athletics and sports, apprenticeship and internships and mentor matching.

9. Organise charity events to help the disadvantaged members of the society.


1. The membership of the Organization is open to all who are able to demonstrate birth and geographic ties to Mombasa and the Pwani region.

2. Every member shall pay an annual subscription fee as prescribed by the committee not later than 31st March of every year.

3. Any member desiring to resign from the Organization shall submit a 3 months written notice of resignation to the Committee and must be endorsed by two third of the members present in the Committee meeting.
4. The membership of any member shall cease on the grounds that his/her conduct has adversely affected the reputation or dignity of the Organization or that the member has contravened any of the provision of the Constitution of the Organization under recommendation of the Committee.

5. The Committee shall have the power to suspend a member from its membership until the next general meeting of the Organization. Following such suspension a member whose expulsion is proposed, shall have the right to address the General Meeting at which its expulsion is to be considered.

6. Any member who resigns or is expelled from membership shall not be entitled to a refund of its subscriptions or any art thereof or any moneys contributed by the member at any time

7. Any member who falls into arrears with yearly subscription for more than 6 months shall automatically cease to be a member of the Organization. The Committee may however at its discretion reinstate such a member on payment of the total amount of subscription outstanding.


1. The office bearers of the Organization shall be: -

I. Chairperson
II. Vice Chairperson 
III. Secretary
IV. Assistant secretary
V. Treasurer
VI. Assistant Treasurer
VII. Organising Secretary
VIII. 5 committee members/trustees / advisors

2. All of whom shall be appointed for a period of 2 years by the registered members on the basis of meritocracy.


1. The Chairperson:
a) He/She shall preside over all the meetings of the Organization and at all General Meetings.

2. The Vice Chairperson :
a) He/She shall perform the duties of the Chairperson in his absence.

3. The Secretary  :
a) Shall deal with all correspondence of the Organization under the General supervision of the committee.
b) In case of urgent matters where the Committee cannot be consulted, he shall consult the Chairperson or in his absence the Vice Chairperson. The decision reached shall be subjected to ratification or otherwise at the next committee meeting.
c) He/She shall issue notices convening all meetings of the committee and all general meetings of the Organization and shall be responsible for keeping minutes of all such meetings and for the preservation of all records of proceedings of the organization.

4. Assistant Secretary
a) In the absence of the Secretary the Assistant Secretary shall perform all duties of the Secretary and such other duties as shall be assigned to him/her by the Secretary or Committee whether the Secretary is present or not.

5. The Treasurer
a) He/She shall be in charge of the Organization Finances and shall supervise all
financial transactions authorized by the Committee.
b) He/She shall prepare and submit to the Committee a financial statement at regular intervals and shall ensure that the Annual Statement of Accounts duly audited is circulated to all members at the same time as the Notice convening the Annual General Meeting is sent out.

6. The Organizing Secretary
a) He/She shall be responsible in the general organization of activities.
b) Will be responsible in the follow up to ensure success of such activities/events



The committee shall consist of all office bearers of the Organization and three other members who shall be nominated for a period of two years at the Annual General Meeting of the Organization. The Committee shall meet at such times and places as it shall resolve but shall meet not less than once in any one Month.
Any casual vacancies for a member of the Committee caused by death, the Committee shall file expulsion or registration until the next Annual General Meeting of the Organization.





1) The Committee shall be responsible for the management of the Organization and for that purpose may give directions to the Office Bearers as to the manner in which within the Constitution they shall perform their duties.

2) The Committee shall have the power to appoint Such sub-committees, as it may deem desirable to make reports to the Committee.

3) All monies received and disbursed on behalf of the Organization shall be authorized by the Committee through a meeting.

4) Committee members are allowed to disburse funds without Committee approval not to exceed shs. 500 for approved areas of operation of the organization however all money shall be accounted for to the treasurer and answerable to the committee.

5) The quorum for meeting of the Committee shall be not less than 5 Members.

6) Quorum for General Meeting shall be decided by the Committee members.



There shall be Annual General Meeting of the members. On a per needed basis, a special meeting of the members can be called.
The agenda for any Annual General Meeting shall consist of the following;
a) Confirmation of the minutes of the previous Annual General Meeting
b) Consideration of Accounts.
c) Appointment of Committee members
d) Such other matters as the Committee may decide
e) Any other business with approval of the Chairperson
f) Appointment of Auditors for the coming year 


​1) At all meetings of the Organization the Chairperson/ Vice Chairperson or in his absence the Chairperson appointed by the Committee shall take the chair.
2) The chairperson may by general agreement limit the number of persons permitted to speak in favor of or against any motion.




1. The fund for the Organization shall be derived from the following sources
a) Fund raising activities that may be organized from time to time
b) Income Generating Projects.
c) Grants, subsidies or cash gifts from individuals, Charitable Organizations,
d) Non-Governmental Organizations, Institutions or trusts that are obtained through solicitation or donation voluntarily.

2. The fund of the Organization may be used for the following purposes only;
a) For the promotion of the functions specified in the Constitution.
b) To help, assist and participate in approved projects/ functions.
c) For such investment as are approved by the Organization

3. All monies and funds shall be received by the Treasurer and shall be deposited by     him/her in the name of the Organization in a Bank or Banks approved by the

4. The Committee shall cause proper books of Accounts or kept with respect to all sums of money received and expanded by the Organization and matters in a respect of which
the Receipt and expenses takes place.

a. The Mandatory authorized signatory of the Organization will be the Organising Secretary, Treasurer or His/her Assistant, the Chairperson or His/her Assistant and the Secretary or His/her Assistant

b. A sum approved by the Committee as petty cash disbursements may be kept by the Administrator, of which proper account shall be kept and shown to the Treasurer.

5. The Committee shall have powers to suspend any office bearer who has reasonable
cause to believe is not properly accounting for the funds of property of the
organization and shall have power to appoint another person in his/her place. Such
suspension shall be reported to a General Meeting to be convened on a date not later
than 2 months from the date of such suspension and the General Meeting shall have
full power to decide what further action should be taken in the matter.

6. The Financial year of the Organization shall be from 1st January to 31st December.


1. An Auditor shall be appointed for the following year by the Annual General Meeting. All the Organization records and documents shall be opened to the inspection of the Audit at any time.

2. The treasurer assisted by the Administrator shall open an Account of his receipts and payment and a statement of Assets and Liabilities made up to date which shall not be less than six weeks and not more than three months before the date of the Annual General Meeting.

3. The Auditor shall examine such annual Accounts and Statement and either clarify that they are correct, duly vouched and in accordance with the Constitution or report to the Organization in what respect they are found to be incorrect, un-vouched or not in accordance with the constitution.

4. A copy of the Auditor’s report on the accounts and statement together with such accounts and statement shall be furnished to all members at the same time as the notice convening the Annual General meeting is sent out. An Auditor must be paid for his/her duties such honorarium as may be resolved by Annual General Meeting appointing him/her.

5. No Auditor shall be an office bearer or a member of the Committee of the Organization.


Amendment/s to the Constitution of the Organization must be approved by majority of the committee members



1. The Organization shall not be dissolved except by resolution passed at a General Meeting of members by a vote of two thirds of the members of the Organization. If no quorum is obtained, the proposal to dissolve the Organization shall be submitted to a further General Meeting, which shall be held one month later. Notice of this meeting shall be given to all members of the Organization at least 14 days before the date of the meeting. The quorum for this second meeting shall be the number of members present.

2. Provided however that no dissolution shall be effected without prior permission in writing of the registrar of Societies obtained upon application to him made in writing and signed by three of the office bearers.

3. When the Registrar has approved the dissolution of the Organization, no further action shall be taken by the committee or any office bearer of the Organization in connection with the aims/objectives of the Organization other than to get in and liquidate for cash all the assets of the Organization. Subject to the payment of all debts of the Organization, the balance thereof shall be distributed in such a manner as may be resolved fit by the meeting at which resolution for dissolution is passed.


The Organization shall make rules and by-laws as appropriate for the better carrying out of the objectives of the Organization provided that such rules shall be certain and consistent with this constitution.

2010 - present

2010 - present

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​Find us: Donge House, Near Masjid Ali - Kereketa, Behind Coast General Hospital

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