Since its inception, Donge has been supplying food packages to orphanages and to needy

individuals in communities within Mombasa and beyond. 

After undertaking a few of these donation exercises, it was evident that more was needed to be

done. While our monthly donation drives were beneficial, we realised that many of those we serve

were in need of food all year round and not just once a month.

The demand for assistance is always rising.  Within a 5km radius of the Mombasa city

centre alone, Donge identified a significant proportion of destitute people in dire

need of a regular supply of food- the feeble old, the uncared for widows, and

children living in impoverished households.


Donge La Mombasa Welfare Group launched the Donge Foodbank as a

response to the issue of chronic hunger among economically disadvantaged

households in Mombasa. Each month, we provide food hampers to pre-screened

individuals who have been identified by our members as 'chronically hungry'. 


A typical food hamper contains the following items enough to provide sufficient calories per day, per month:

-wheat flour-2 packetsx2kg
-maize flour- 2packetsx2kg
-rice- 1 packetx2kgs
-sugar-1 packetx2kgs
-dry spaghetti-1 packetx1kg
-dry macaroni-1packetx1kg
-whole maize-1packetx3kg
-tea leaves-0.5kg packet
-cooking oil-3 litre bottle
-salt-0.5 kg packet


Presently our foodbank services the Old Town area but we do have future plans to extend to other areas in Mombasa.

Donge supports the Food Bank initiative by raising funds in three ways:

1. Individual cash donations- Anyone can donate any amount directly to the foodbank to help pay for food items to fill food hampers.  The Foodbank donation line is +254 707499055. Alternatively, you can sponsor one or more food hampers for any amount of time that feels comfortable to you. The cost of sponsoring one hamper is just 3,000 Kenyan Shillings. To become a Donge Foodbank sponsor, please click this link to fill out the sponsorship application form. It takes less than 5 minutes to complete but the impact is profound.

2. Individual food donations- If you would like to donate any food item (listed above), please contact Laabeid (+254 706 591911) to arrange for a pickup. You can also drop off your food donation at our office in Kereketa, Mombasa from 9am-6pm weekdays (closed 12pm-3pm) or weekends from 3pm-5pm.

2. Business donation tins- These tins are placed in business premises across Mombasa and are clearly marked with the Foodbank sign and the slogan ‘SHILINGI YA DONGE YALISHA WANYONGE’.  If you are a business owner and you would like to help raise funds for the foodbank, please call Laabied on +254706591911 or +254722916239 and request a donation tin. He will deliver your Foodbank tin and will replace it with an empty one monthly. You can also request a tin at


If you would like to apply for Donge Foodbank Support for yourself or on behalf of someone, please click on this link to fill out an Application for Assistance form.




​​Call us: +254706591911 or +447448855183


​Find us: Donge House, Near Masjid Ali - Kereketa, Behind Coast General Hospital

Mombasa Kenya

© 2013 by Donge La Mombasa Welfare Group

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