Welcome To The Fatma & Khadija Memorial Library

 A Free Of Charge Library For All


The Fatma and Khadija Memorial Library is a community based library located in the Donge La Mombasa Welfare Group (DLMWG) office in Kereketa, Mombasa. It is opposite Masjid Ali in the Coast General Hospital vicinity.. 

The library is supported by the DLMWG and is entirely run on donations. If you want to become a member of the library or would like help, please email info@dongelamombasa.com or visit us during opening hours.

Visiting the library is free and open to everyone.   To borrow books (adult books and children books), DVDs, comics, and textbooks, you only need to register. Come and see for yourself.

+ Over 500 items - adult & childen's books, DVDs, comics, and reference books adding new books regularly.

+ FREE WiFi  across the library  



About Us


The Fatma and Khadija Memorial Library was inspired by two young girls who had a passion for reading. Fatma (5 years) and Khadija (12 years) both had life threatening illnesses and were being sponsored by DLWMG to seek treatment in Kenya and India. Unfortunately they both died of complications from their diseases and were unable to fulfil their dreams of going back to school and resuming normal lives. A few months after their deaths, the Mombasa community rallied together to start a community library in Fatma’s and Khadija’s memory. On October 16 2014, the Fatma and Khadija Memorial Library was officially open.

The Library is overseen the DLMWG Board of Directors with Lela Goldsmith acting as Patron. Husseing Salim is the librarian. The Library’s objectives are to promote a reading culture in Mombasa and to be a welcoming place in the Community. The Board of Directors want to hear suggestions on changes and new ideas from the Community

The F&K Memorial Library is entirely dependent on donations for survival. We have to pay market rates for:

  • Leasing the office space for its occupancy,

  • Utilities such as water and electricity

  • Time librarian,

  • Buying and maintaining the stock of books and DVDS

  • Technology to keep running the office computer and WiFi


If you would like to donate your time or books, or send financial donations to the Library, please email info@dongelamombasa.com or call +447448855183 or +254706591911


Welcome to your community library! Welcome to the Fatma and Khadija Memorial Library.




I am pleased to share some highlights from yesterday's prize giving event. I am grateful to all who came to share the joy for this momentous achievement. Congratulations to Salim, our third prize winner!

I also had the opportunity to speak with Salim's mother who is also a huge fan of reading and a regular member of the library. She is expressed her gratitude to everyone that contributed to the cause of opening a library in the neighborhood because we not only provide books, we also provide a safe place for children to spend time reading, playing games, and socialising after school hours. 
"Our neighborhood had been transformed" she said.

A great thanks to all our Donge donors, our staff librarian Hussein Salim, and to all those prayers and well wishes from around the world.

If you are interested in donating books, please contact me via inbox or email info@dongelamombasa.com

(pics by Haytham Bhalo)

​​Call us: +254706591911 or +447448855183

email: info@dongelamombasa.com

​Find us: Donge House, Near Masjid Ali - Kereketa, Behind Coast General Hospital

Mombasa Kenya

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