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Location of Markaz : Jomvu

Name of Mudir : Maalem Ali Kombo


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Vision of Hope Orphanges is the orphans is a markaz situation in


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                                                  Report by Aisha Mohammed.



Markaz Al-kheyriy lil ta’lim wa teknologia popularly known as Charity Centre of Education is a girl’s only markaz located in Mtwapa, Mombasa.
The markaz hosts around 173 girls who hail from different backgrounds, some who are completely orphans, others who have a single parent while others have guardians.
It has classes from Standard Three all the way to Form Four and it is an integrated school.
The markaz also has around 23 teachers who teach both the secular and Islamic subjects as well.
This report attempts to highlight what actually prompted me to initiate my project of specifically helping the 11 orphan girls in the markaz, my findings and recommendations thereof and also conclusion.
Personally, I came to know about the markaz from my sister, a student at Abu-hureira Academy who had visited the markaz together with fellow classmates and teacher for the purpose of delivering clothes to the girls in the markaz during Ramadhan. I thereafter sought the contacts of the director of the markaz, Ustadh Musa and called him up to get directions about the whereabouts of the markaz and that’s when together with fellow members of the Donge la Mombasa welfare group, we were able to deliver foodstuffs to them alongside other orphanages and needy homes around Mombasa during this year’s ramadhan, the year 1435 A.H (2014) through the group’s program called, ‘Sponsor an orphan your stairway to jannah’.
The girls’ reception and warm welcome all with brilliant smiles and brightly lit faces was the first thing that touched my heart as we stepped into the markaz. It’s not every day that they get visitors who had come a long way to see them leave alone bring along foodstuffs for them.
Afterwards, I enquired from Ustadh Musa about the challenges the girls majorly face in that place and he mentioned but a few in terms of lack of basic needs; but thereafter I thought it would be best to personally talk to the girls to be able to get firsthand information about the things they were lacking and needed help in since it was clearly visible that they needed help.
Therefore on 31st Aug 2014, I went to the markaz, assembled all the girls and had a one-on-one talk with them. In the process of interacting and asking questions about this and that, I noticed that the girls were divided into 2 groups; some who from the way they were responding were obviously well off and didn’t have much problems and others who were more like grumbling and talking in low tones either because they were too shy to speak out or that they didn’t know how to express themselves.
Thus I requested all those girls who were orphans, to raise their hands, 11 girls in total, and went to a separate place to have a talk with them after I realized that they were the ones that direly needed a lot of help. They informed me that they were all orphans and some of them were not born muslims and they barely even met their parents. They were from an orphanage in Mwatate brought in the markaz by good Samaritans so they can get good education, and that’s the place they call home. They stay in the markaz all year long as they have no other place to go to when their colleagues visit their homes during holidays and they’d rather stay there than opt to return to the orphanage they originally came from as the conditions in the markaz are better off.  It’s only once in a while that the markaz sends the girls to their ancestral homes to check on the shambas left behind by their parents lest they get sold off to other people.
I asked the girls to point out in details all the things they were lacking and wished for, and the first thing they all in one voice echoed was clothes and shoes. I was perturbed, one by one they went ahead and explained that the markaz only gives them school clothes and those that they sleep in and stay with after classes which are similar to their school uniforms, the only difference being the colour. Even those clothes they were wearing at that moment, they had borrowed from friends, never minding whether they fit or not, the same applied to shoes as they have neither school shoes nor sandals, they stay in class and all day long with sandals that belong to friends.
The girls listed out a lot of other stuff which they lacked including; panties, sanitary pads, stationeries, school shoes and slippers, clothes including lessos, jik, oils and lotions, kiwi and brush, torches, pocket money.
These girls were all orphans with no-one in this world to aid them after Allah, how could I even be surprised that they have got nothing as compared to the other girls who at least had guardians who tried hard to get them what they need. I decided I’ll find them help and made the same promise to them.
On the same day, I posted my project in Donge facebook page, explained what it was all about and the assistance I needed and urged fellow members to vote for it and offer their support.
A lot of people pledged their support and even though there was another project by another member which won the title for the best member of the month, the group board decided to co-run the two projects side by side and together with the donge officials specifically the Treasurer, Mbarak Salim Mbarak and the Procurement manager, Laabeid Mohamed, we were able to collect and also purchase for the 11 girls all the stuff they needed.
On 28th September, I together with the Donge la Mombasa members, prepared for the journey to mtwapa to make real the promise made to the 11 girls.
We had lunch with all the 173 girls, gave them a talk about one or two things and at the end of it all, delivered all the stuff collected and bought to the 11 orphan girls.
Recommendations and Findings
One of my findings was that the orphans in this markaz the whole 11 girls need a continuous help for that matter, these are girls who have no one in this world to provide for them and whatever we have provided them with at the moment definitely won’t last for a lifetime; of course it will all get finished at one time and then sadly they’ll be forced to get back to their original state.
My plea is, whoever who would like to provide these girls with all that they’ll need on a long term basis in terms of necessities that is, clothes, shoes, mattresses, detergents lotions and oils included, pads and basically all the basic stuff to kindly join me in doing so; your help will go a long way.
I also found out that one of the girls, Khadija Amina, who is 14 years old and a form one student is faced with a hearing problem, she has difficulty using both her ears and this problem started last year. Apparently she had a good Samaritan who offered to take her to Coast General Hospital for a checkup and the doctor informed her that both her ears were damaged and she was put under medication. The doctor then told her to return in case the medicine failed to improve her condition but she never got the chance to go back to the hospital.
 Anyone who would like to assist her by taking her to a specialist, kindly please do so and your reward will be with Allah.
Another finding was that, once these girls finish their high school education, they have no means of furthering their education to college or university level. The markaz tries hard to look for sponsors who would help pay for the girls’ college fees and currently it wishes to initiate a program of setting up a Teacher’s Training College where the girls get to be trained as teachers and in turn assist in teaching at the markaz. What they lack are sponsors who would be kind enough to help them build up the college and in that way also assist the girls upgrade their education and more so help them achieve their dreams.
I would like to recommend any well wisher who would wish to assist the markaz in making real this college dream and also further help sponsor these 11 orphan girls to college or university level so as to provide them with equal chances to education like any other normal girl out there; never feeling underprivileged as an orphan to please do so, all this will never be in vain for surely Allah will reward you abundantly both in this world of today and in the Hereafter.
The Charity Centre of education like any other orphanage or markaz out there tries hard to equip these orphans with the necessary education so that they can fit in the society, they experience a lot of hardships along the way; any help accorded to them and to the girls as well will go a long way in helping improve the welfare of our community since these girls are surely the mothers of tomorrow.
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