Makadara FC won the tournament by beating Wanynyuki FC. We would like to congratulate them for winning the game also was an honour the finals were watched and presided by Mvita MP Hon Abdulswamad Shariff nassir who was the guest of honour. Other teams which participated were Donge FC, and West Ham United.



Today the 11th of May 2014, Donge La Mombasa Welfare Group  with the attendance of Chairman Anwar J. Bhallo Officially Opened the Wasini Water Reservoir.

                     DONGE DELIVERS....

All praise to Allah, Donge Members were able to deliver Stationaries, Slippers, Soaps,Petrolium Jellies etc to the orphans of takaungu. 


TAKAUNGU GROUP PHOTO-  Donge Members delivering a new bicycle to a religious teacher. He used to walk long distances to and from Madrassa.























20 April  2014

Donge's Visit to Madrasatul Ansaar, Vijiweni, Takaungu.


Donge La Mombasa Visited Madrasatul Ansaar in Vijiweni, Takaungu and delivered matresses,, clothes and Sanitary Pads. This was after seeing their condition in our Last trip we visited to drop foodstuff. Our ground team were overwhelmed by the joy and reception they recieved from the kids who literally slept on the floor,shkran to all those who contributed and parcitipated,some kids will sleep soundly tonight,alhamdulillah


























                                                                     Members of the Madrassa Helping to carry Donated Items.







                                                                                       Prepairing to welcome guests



























































































































































































                                                                                      Anwar Bhalo Entertaining the guest






































































































Alhamdulilah, the wasini nyumba ya maji project is complete. This Sunday 11th of May 2014, Our Chairman Anwar J Bhallo will offically open the Project. May Allah bless our efforts we all make as muslims to bring more changes to our community. God Bless Donge.....














IT IS THE MOUNTAINS WHICH DONT MEET-  When we Left Madrassatul Answar on our way to the Masjid for Dhuhur Prayers. We were lucky to meet Ustadh Khamis. He was the Chairman's Teacher for IRE, at Alidina Visram, the last time they saw eachother was in 1992.


Donge La Mombasa Welfare Group Members volunteering to make this event a success

13 October 2013

Serving Lunch for Markaz Tabarak in Bakarani


Female members of Donge La Mombasa Welfare Group from Mombasa and Diaspora had a fabulous  get-together party on the 8th of September. The aim of this event was for all Donge Ladies members  to get an opportunity to know one another and form a bond of sisterhood. The objective of this event is to continue uniting  Donge Members in happy occasions and form a strong union which will come handy during difficult days to come.


09 September 2013

Ladies Only Donge Kitchen Party Get-together


On behalf of the Donge Board - it gives us much pleasure to express our gratitude to the generosity and the unity shown by all the sisters who donated and participated in the Donge get-together ladies event, which was held at Mitai House last night.We are very grateful to our aunty Asya for, yet again she has shown us her support for Donge and has allowed us to use her premises with open arms. We respect you Aunty Asya and thank you again. May Allah bless you and your family.Regarding the even, we hope that you all understand the importance of taking some time off and get to know one another and also have a bit of fun in the process. The aim of these events is not just to have fun but also to create this unity amongst us.Lets all pray from may the Almighty God to strengthen our unity and give us more support and courage to sacrifice our time and effort in good times and in bad times in order to rebuild our community. God bless you all. 

Sincerely, The Chairman.


06 September , 2013

A one-off Sadaka from a diaspora member

Feeding the orphans in MarkazIkhlaas Islamiyya September 6, 2013  Donge La Mombasa Welfare Group Orgnising Secretary Rumy ( Laila ) seen here with Orhpans from Markaz Ikhlaas Islamiyya, in Kisauni after arranging a fabulous lunch for the orphans. The lunch was donated by Donge Members in Diaspora as well as Excecutive Member of the Samburu Drive orphange appeal. May Allah accept your sadaka. The orphans of Markaz Ikhlaas Islamiyya, praying for the Donors (Members of Donge La Mombasa Welfare Group) for donating food to feed all the children in the orphanage.


For more details and photos please click here

Ramadhan 2013 Iftar drive to feed various orphanages,  widows and those in dire need for food.

During the month of Ramadan 2013 members of Donge La Mombasa Welfare Group from all over the world joined hands via the facebook page, to raise money so that we can feed Iftaar to Orphanages around Mombasa as well as provide for widows and also the less fortunate members of the community in Mombasa.  We managed to raise​ a stunning total of KES 330,416.




1. 07/07/2013 - Feeding the orphans of Markaz Istiqamah in  Kikoneni Kwale

2. 14/07/201 - Providing food (iftaar) for Markaz Ummul Kheyr in Jomvu Jitoni

Show More
21/07/2013 - Providing Iftaar for Markaz Daarul Hikma Vikwatani and Markaz Ikhlaas Islamiyya, Kisauni as well as various individual homes of widows with orphans in Kisauni and Majengo.
28/07/2013 - Providing Iftaar for Markaz Markaaz Al Shifaa Jomvu Kambini
04/08/2013 - Donge La Mombasa Welfare Group organised a Grand Iftaar for various orphanages which was held at Aunty Asya's Residence in Buxton.
21/07/2013 - Providing Iftaar for Markaz Daarul Hikma Vikwatani and Markaz Ikhlaas Islamiyya, Kisauni as well as various individual homes of widows with orphans in Kisauni.

A family day out for the Donge La Mombasa                    members at  VIPINGO

              Say NO to Drugs Day

To commemorate the United Nation's

Assalam Alykum.On behalf of the DONGE LA MOMBASA WELFARE GROUP committee board, we would like to extend our gratitude to all the Donge Members who attended the 26TH JUNE 2013 UNITED NATION INTERNATIONAL DAY AGAINST DRUG ABUSE AND ILLICIT TRAFFICKING EVENT IN MOMBASA today.The few members that attended this event are truly the heroes of our group. If I may name but a few, they included Swabaha, Hamida, Umar Babz, Biggy, Ali Hassan, Saeeda, Salma, Hawaa, Asya and few more. We thank you all so much from the bottom of our hearts. I hope each one of you had an eventful day and also received our certificate as a token of appreciation.

Our involvement in this event was to accept an invitation that was sent to us by Reachout and MEWA. It was sent to us on the 24th of June. Just two days ago. Despite being invited in a such a very short notice, we could not turn down this noble cause. We decided to take it on without hesitation any we did not have any major expectations.

Alhamdullah, reports coming from Mombasa have informed us that this event despite only having just a bunch of our supporters turning out, not only was it a successful event in promoting awareness to Drug Abuse in Mombasa, but it has put Donge La Mombasa Welfare Group in the mainstream public eye and media of the whole country.Media Companies from all corners such as Nation, KTN, Citizen-Tv, Radio Rahma, Pilipili FM, Radio Salam and more were all there to witness our participation and they all took notice of Donge.

As a small emerging group, we have today managed to form a community bond with other groups and we have established professional contacts with them. These groups include Reach-out Centre Trust, MEWA, Bomu Hospital, Sheikh Nurein Islamic Centre, Tudor Support Group, Good Hope Rehab Centre, Ganjoni PTC, Innocent Souls Youth Group, Talent Partners Youth Group, Alhamdulillah Women Group , Mtondoni Women Group and few more others.

As a token of friendship and alliance in developing our Mombasa Community each and every group that attended was awarded with DONGE LA MOMBASA WELFARE GROUP Certificate and all these groups showed us their appreciation to our small gesture and they were all impressed by our involvements.

All in all, the triumph of this event is to the combat against this evil epidemic disease that is affecting our ailing community, and that is Drug Abuse.

The whole event was a success and we are all so proud to have taken part in this historic day. Our fight against DRUG ABUSE does not end here. Together with our other objectives, we will continue to work as hard as we can to develop Mombasa. We are happy to take baby steps on this journey, all we are asking from you is is your unity and sacrifice towards our objectives in developing our beloved city of MOMBASA.

JAZAKUMULLAH KHEIR/Rebuilding our community through unity and sacrifice.


​Booklet Proposals for the Mombasa County officials.

Due to the ongoing problems facing the people of Mombasa, of our members suggested that we use our Facebook page to discuss problems and solutions and from it form a booklet of proposals that we will hand over to the Mombasa County officials including all the politicians. This projects is now underway and the link below points to the current stage where we are at.


                                                 Donge La Mombasa Proposals

The Mombasa Clean up campaign: "Mji Wetu, Wajibu Wetu"

Pirates Beach - May 18, 2013

Inspired by the many complaints brought forward by local residents about Mombasa’s rubbish problem, DLMWG partnered up with the Governer’s ‘Mji Wetu, Wajibu Wetu’ city clean-up campaign earlier this year. We mobilized a diverse group of volunteers (ranging from school children to grandparents) and took on the task of cleaning a part of Bamburi Beach. It was a fun day out in which different members of the community intermingled and worked together to help bring back the beach to its natural beauty. Personal responsibility for the cleanliness of the community is a key component of Donge’s agenda, and we organize regular neighborhood cleanup exercises.

The Ahmed Albeity Wheelchair Campaign 

April 19-21, 2013

When a Donge member forwarded a youtube video of Ahmed, a young man from Tanzania who was paralyzed from the shoulders down in a diving accident, we knew we had to help. Ahmed has been bedridden for a few years and was badly in need of a specialized wheelchair that could not only help him move around more easily, it could ease the development of bedsores brought on by laying on his back all the time. What started out as fundraising drive on Facebook quickly went viral on Whatsapp as well. In a matter of just a few days, we had raised enough cash to buy him a much needed quadriplegic wheelchair. With money left over from the wheelchair purchase, we were able to also buy a mouth stick (to self operate a computer), specialized air mattresses, and a hydraulic lift (a device used to help lift patients out of bed), items that will help improve the quality of his day-to-day living.




Ahmed Albaity wrote  in MOMBASA - TOA DONGE LAKO.   April 20 at 6:50pm


Ahmed wrote: "In the name of ALLAH, THE MOST MERCFUL AND THE MOST GRACIOUS. Dear BROTHERS AND SISTERS The motive behind this short message is to express my deepest, sincere and utmost gratitude and appriciation to the almighty ALLAH for being there for me at all times for HE knows the seen and unseen. THEN Special thanks to a group "MOMBASA TOA DONGE LAKO" Also to ANWAR,RABIYA IN USA AND JUWEYRIA IN KENYA. Your brothers and sisters made it happen! May ALLAH also rewards you and your families abundantly inshallah. I also thank each and everyone out there who in one way or the other, God has made them be touched by the state am into and have to their best, able to donate more than what i needed for my wheelchair. if not ALLAH the you guys i wouldnt be writing this. inshallah, ALLAH will reward you abundantly here and hereafter. GENERALLY, WORDS ARENT ENOUGH TO THANK EACH AND EVERYONE OF YOU IN ITS UNIQUE WAY BUT I REALLY THANK ALLAH FOR HAVING YOU GUYS. THANKS AND I LOVE YOU ALL. PLEASE DO SHARE THIS"


​​Call us: +254706591911 or +447448855183


​Find us: Donge House, Near Masjid Ali - Kereketa, Behind Coast General Hospital

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