The Donge Committee Board.


Our committee board is comprised of  passionate and ambitious individuals. They each bring with them a set of unique experiences, skills and knowledge that contributes to a dynamic and progressive leadership team.

The Chairman
Anwar Juma Bhalo
The Secretary & Library Manager
  L . Goldsmith



As the founder and Chairman of Donge, my general role is to provide leadership to the organisation. More specifically, I ensure that the Donge committee board is managed effectively and that the mission statement of the organisation is the guiding force in all our activities. I also provide support and supervision to other board members and act as the key representative of the organisation to the public. I also co-admin the Donge Facebook group. All these tasks are quite time consuming and demanding, however my love for Mombasa pushes me to set even higher goals for this organisation. My perspective in life is based on seeing the bigger picture of events. I strongly believe that with patience, any hardship will eventually turn to ease. I was born and raised in Mombasa, and attended Serani Primary School and Allidina Visram High School. I attended Al-Azhar University in Egypt briefly and graduated with Honors in Computer Engineering from Brunel University, London. My father, the late Taarab Maestro Professor Juma Bhalo, played a profound role in shaping who I am today. He instilled in me two values that form the core of my life ethic: integrity and loyalty. Aside from my volunteer duties at Donge, I work full time as an IT engineer within a global logistics firm. I live in London with my wife and four children, and enjoy writing poetry and singing in my free time.

Public Relations
Kareem Mohamed

As Donge's PR officer, my job is to communicate key messages pertaining to the organisation, often using social media and social networks, in order to establish and maintain goodwill and understanding between our organisation and its public. I also serve as co-admin of the Donge Facebook group.

A long time resident of the UK, I was actually born and raised in Mombasa. I attended Sacred Heart primary school, Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed secondary school, and later joined USIU briefly.  After moving to the UK, I, studied law at Birkbeck College, University of London  and specialised in immigration law. I also studied human rights law at ILPLA  and  trained as a paralegal at NAPL (National Association of Paralegals).  I've worked in various capacities in the field of law. I have worked as an outdoor clerk, legal rep, caseworker, and immigration advisor. Some charity organisations that I've volunteered for in the past include  Refugee Arrival Project (RAP),  JCWI,  and  Freinds of al-Aqsa (FOA). I've also served on the leadership board of Kenya United Front for Democracy (KUFD) and the Waswahili Welfare Association in London.

I am passionate about social activism, a quality heavily influenced by my father who was one of the founding fathers of the MEWA Trust in Mombasa.   I believe strongly in giving back to the community because it has given me so much. I am honoured to part of a group as dynamic as Donge and I look forward to many more years of unity and sacrifice.

Vice Chairman
Laabied  Mohammed             Gurcharan


As the Vice Chairman and procurement Manager, my main responsibility is to be  the eyes and ears of the board on the ground securing goods and services that the organisation needs in order to carry out its objectives. My job role is not fixed however. I also play an active role in organising volunteers, carrying out needs assessments in our catchment area, and liaising with various government and private sector heads in promoting Donge's mission in the community. I was born and raised in Mombasa and I continue to reside in this great city.  Many of Donge Members know me by my famous nickname 'Neemaaa' which means 'Blessings.'  I currently hold the position of Procurement Manager in Donge Group. On top of my volunteer duties at Donge, I also work as a manager at  Libra Food Products company in Changamwe. My family circumstances forced me to drop out of high school before I could graduate however I have been on a mission to educate myself independently through informal learning experiences.    

I am passionate about helping those less fortunate than myself. I especially enjoy visiting orphans in orphanages and doing everything it takes to see them smile. i feel blessed to still have both of my parents alive and to have a strong network of family and friends.  I had been a member of many Facebook groups before but joining Donge changed my life for the better. I was just an ordinary member before being nominated to serve as a Board member. I feel honored to be chosen to serve on the Donge board, and I am especially thankful to our visionary leader, Anwar Juma Bhalo, for entrusting me to this current responsibility.  I am determined to help make a difference in our society and to remain loyal to Donge's objectives. May Allah (SAW) bless us and Donge Group at large.



I serve as the Secretary and Patron of Donge's Fatma and Khadija Memorial Library. I am responsible for the maintaining organising and maintaining official records and written communication, and for running and fundraising for the library.


Before joining Donge, I volunteered in different capacities within various organisations in the US such as The American Cancer Society, Gainesville Area AIDS project, Radiant Hands Inc, and Women2Women. I am passionate about books, and nothing gives me greater joy than engaging in activities that relate to promoting child literacy.  I like to read, drink tea, and socialise in the Donge Facebook page in my free time.


I hold a Masters from University of South Florida.  Having grown up in both Kenya and the US, I now live in the UK with my husband, children, and 4 fish.




I was born and bred in Old Town, Mombasa and one of the founding members of Donge La Mombasa Welfare Group. I am married and come from a large family.


I am passionate about entrepreneurship and I believe it is one of the key factors, if not the main one, that holds the success of the young minds of Mombasa.


I completed my primary education in Mombasa Primary School, moved to Sacred Heart High School for my ‘O’ levels and completed my undergraduate studies at The University of Nairobi, main campus. Having grown up in Mombasa,


I believe I have an in depth understanding on what was and is Mombasa as well as the social-political issues facing it. I am currently a Corporate Banker working with Gulf African Bank. I am also experienced in Insurance having worked in the industry for 3 years and logistics where I had been in the transport industry for over 2 years.


I hold a Bachelors of Commerce, Marketing Option, from the University of Nairobi and a Certified Insurance Practitioner from the College of Insurance. I have undergone numerous trainings among them Credit Risk Management, Structured Trade Finance and Customer Service.


I have been with Donge since day one. I have seen all the ups and downs that we had to go  through in this group. My main duties include identifying potential areas of compliance vulnerability and risks to develop and implement corrective action plans for resolution of problematic issues, and to provide general guidance on how to avoid or deal with similar situations in the future.

I also ensure that correct precedures and forms are filled in and are submitted within the agreable timeframe.

Although I live in Nairobi, I do not allow the distance to hinder my input. If Anwar, Leyla and Kareem who are in UK can do it from so can I. 

Compliance Manager 
Haytham Juma Bhalo

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Mombasa Kenya

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